Pet Emergency Center

429 West 38th Street
Erie, PA 16508

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Compassion goes a long way

    by: rainbowacres1

    On 9/23/06, I hit a stray pup on Interstate 95. I rushed her to this clinic. Being a stray with no one to pay for treatment we were told she would be humanely put to sleep. We decided to give this pup a chance and had x-rays taken to see how bad it was. Sadly, we could not save her but the doctor and staff were very patient and explained everything to us. Even though she was just a throw away to someone else everyone on the staff treated her as though she were the only animal there. In the end, they even allowed me to be with her when the end came just so she would have a friend with her. About a week later we recieved a note from the clinic saying thank you for being a Good Sam and they were sorry they could not help more. That's caring!


    Very helpful and truthful