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1209 cromwell bridge road
Towson, MD 21286
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Guess it depends

    by: getagripok

    I never had a problem there as the other two reviewers did but I guess it depends on the emergency. In my case I've gone twice both times for cats. One cat had a stroke, and the other was a older cat that for some reason starting to hemorage. Both had to be put to sleep. Where else can you go in Baltimore County late at night or on a Sunday morning?


    Only place I know for in a emergency



  • 2. wouldn't return

    by: ztT4MP92724330

    My dog was being treated by my reg. vet for an abscess in his neck area. Because of its location he needed an ultrasound and surgery, so I was sent there since they have the facilities and surgeons. After 2 trips through their E.R. dept , scheduled surgery and $ 3,000.00, my 6 year old dog died, and none of the vets can tell me exactly why. \r\nYou have to pay a deposit before they even see your pet, and then they take your dog in the back to examine it, so you have no idea what they have or haven't done.\r\nWhen I took him to the E.R. late one night I was told it would cost approximately $ 800.00 - $ 1700. for a night's stay, some blood work and an IV of fluids. That was going to be before the surgery bill. \r\nIf I need a pet E.R. again, I would drive twice the distance to try somewhere else.\r\n


    open 24 hrs


    Price, Service, Results

  • 3. don't go

    by: mapleann

    If my pet need er care I would go to annapolis first.