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5322 north high street
Columbus, OH 43214
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Affordable care

    by: polyphemus

    In keeping costs down, this vet office has a small staff. Sometimes you need to be patient in reaching some one on the phone. Other than that, it's a great place we've had all our cats to for surgery and shots. We're glad to be patient for afforadable care!




    takes awhile to get a hold of some one

  • 2. I love this place!

    by: jess9457

    I am so thankful that my mother in law discovered Pet Concern!! I have taken all 3 of my cats to Dr. Trego for spays, neuters, declaws, and shots. The prices are very reasonable and he is a very caring man who truly cares about the welfare of the animals. I've also taken my 7 year old pug there for shots and will continue to do so for as long as I can!


    Very reasonable preventative care, great doctor!


    hard to reach by phone

  • 3. Pet Concern - where pets truly matter!

    by: khillcwapr

    I took my two cats to Pet Concern for about 5 years and I think this is one of the best places in Columbus. The philosophy behind this clinic is that if preventative care is not made affordable then pet owners will not care for their pets properly and in the end the pets are the ones who suffer. A vet who truly cares about the welfare of pets and is not looking to fatten his wallet. How refreshing!\r\nMy cats had no problems with their spay surgeries or their routine vaccinations. The staff is gentle and caring. I only stopped going to Pet Concern because I moved out to Galena and the car ride was too much for my cats to handle (and too much for me as well - the duet of woe gets to you after a few miles!). I would recommend this clinic to anyone concerned about costs but still desiring excellent vet care. They are hard to get a hold of but it is worth the extra effort and persistance!


    Preventative care at very reasonable costs, great vet


    Hard to get a hold of but so worth the effort!

  • 4. #1 Spay/Neuter & Shots for Cats in Columbus, Ohio

    by: marysworld

    My animal family consists of eleven cats. When my regular vet Dr. Conklin of Community Veterinary Clinic in Grove City retired & sold his practice I was unable to afford to pay $150 to neuter a cat or $65-$75 for shots per cat. I remembered hearing about Dr. Trego at Pet Concern from the staff at Cat Welfare Association. I found him to be very experienced, professional & knowledgeable. I was not rushed through my appointments even though I had multiple cats receiving shots. He took his time with each one of them & they received excellent care. Pet Concern is there for pet owners and for the pets. Their purpose is truly to help make it affordable for pet owners to have their animals fixed and vaccinated. I hope he doesn't decide to retire any time soon!


    $30 to neuter a cat and $20-$25 for his/her shots


    Hard to get through to them on the phone. But they do return calls when leaving a message on their answering machine.