Pet chauffeur

36-03 13th st.
New york, NY 11106
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  • 1. Pet Chauffeur is great

    by: petciety

    If you need a ride for you pet, especially those of you out there who have large dogs who don't fit into carry bags, this is a great service. \n\nIn NYC, it is possible to flag down a yellow cab, but in my experience (10 years living in the city with a labrador) sometimes 20 available taxis will drive right by me or refuse to provide me with service if they see i'm with my dog before i finally find taxi driver who is willing to take me. Pet Chauffer is the reliable and safe way to travel around the city with your pet if your traveling beyond walking range.\n\nthis review brought to you by Petciety, Inc.


    great service, always on time, cc billing