Perry animal shelter

P.o. box 2030
Perry, GA 31069
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Perry Animal Shelter Is Awesome

    by: Furbabyfriend

    I adopted my Pom, Wally, from the Perry Animal Shelter. They treated him like he was their very own dog. He had been vetted (already neutered, heartworm tested-negative,thank GOD!, given shots and wormed). All I had to do is pick him up and introduce him to my vet, pick up some H/W preventative and flea treatment.\r\nHe is a sweet little guy. He is now going through training to become an agility dog, work on a CGC and possibly a therapy dog. I might even go crazy and work on a CD for him. (Although obedience training bores me!) I am grateful to the good people at Perry Animal Shelter for actively seeking homes for all the dogs. Thanks for my little man!!! \r\nThey are trying hard to earn the money to build a new facility. If anyone out there has the money, please consider sharing with them. They will do a lot of good in the community for all animals, not just dogs.


    Very caring staff, dedicated volunteers, responsive to needs in the community!


    They need a new facility, but they are working on it!!! Give them some donations if you can help.

  • 2. Help this shelter

    by: sablebear22

    i adopted my babies (dogs) from there they are the best \r\nshelter dogs always turn out to be the best of the bunch\r\n\r\nnext time you want an animal \r\n\r\nGO TO A SHELTER!\r\nDONT PAY $500 FOR ONE!\r\nthink aobut it \r\n\r\nits like adopting a child\r\n\r\n


    great staff


    not enough support from city

  • 3. Amazing people

    by: gensl

    The staff here works very hard and it shows. It's way past due for a makeover though!


    Great staff


    bad conditions

  • 4. the great place!

    by: petlover22

    i adopted two dogs there 2 years ago \r\nthey are the sweetest \r\nthe volunteer staff was excellent while i was choosing the right ones that were right for me im so glad perry animal shelter is there because if it wasnt i would not have the great dogs that i have now \r\n\r\n\r\nTHANKS PERRY ANIMAL SHELTER \r\nYOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1





  • 5. Staff is friendly

    by: islandhopper

    The Perry Shelter has a very friendly staff with many volunteers. They are waiting for a new shelter to be built. Right now the Shelter they have is kind of out of the way, but it is kept very clean and is rather well maintained by the staff and volunteers. They do many on site adoptions on the weekends. They seem to be very knowledgable about the animals that they have up for adoption. They serve the smaller town of Perry rather well.


    Staff is very friendly and Knowledgable.


    Shelter is out of the way and very small

  • 6. Perry Shelter

    by: Martha12345

    Volunteers have very little support from the city of Perry. ACO works extremely hard.


    Knowledgeable Volunteers


    Needs more funding

  • 7. PAS

    by: rsims

    The Perry Animal Shelter is the poster child for the cliche that "big things come in small packages". The staff does over the top work for the amount of space that they have.


    Great support staff


    limited space