Pequannock township bark park

Foothills park West parkway
Pequannock, NJ 07440

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  • 1. Great new dog park!

    by: WayneAnimalShelter

    This wonderful dog park was added to the Township park system in 2007. It is in beautiful surroundings, located within Foothills Park in Pequannock, on West Parkway (about a 1/2 mile off of Rt 23 South).\n\nI hear there are plans to section off a part of the park and make it for small dogs only. It's very hard to find a dog park that has that amenity.\n\nAnother great thing is that although the park is available to everyone, not just Pequannock residents, you have to pre-register your dog with the Township to use the park. That means that you can be assured all the dogs there are vaccinated for both rabies and distemper. You also have to show proof that you have renters or homeowners liability insurance when you register your dog. That way if there is some sort of altercation between pets, you know your dog is safe from rabies and distemper, and the other pet owner can't just run off leaving you with a huge vet bill! Some people might find these policies restrictive, but I find it reassuring. \n\nThe only downside is that the park is located right next to a police shooting range. The PD has to have each officer qualify every so often, and there aren't many ranges they can go to. Naturally, on the few days a year the range is being used, the park is closed. No one wants to take a chance on a person or pet being accidently killed! I'd call the township ahead of time to find out if there are plans to use the shooting range that day before you head out there.


    beautiful setting


    next to shooting range