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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Fun Place to be

    by: ayrayr

    I really like going to p4p...the cats are cute and playful. The dogs are cute but to big for my taste. I would bring every cat home if I could! All he volunteers are nice and helpful when I visit.


    nice people, cute animals


    not enough room for them all

  • 2. Caring people

    by: drkwah

    I adopted my cat from People for Pets. After being told about the kitten, I saw a picture of her on their website and decided to go see her. I live out of town, so making an appointment was not a problem for me, but if I did live closer, I would probably want the shelter to be open on a regular basis. Anyway, I went to see the kitten and her brother (who was also adorable, but I could only get one), and decided right then and there that she was the one for me. The application process is a little demanding, but that has been the case at most animal shelters I have visited. I am glad that I adopted my cat from a no-kill shelter because I feel that I am supporting their efforts to find good homes for their animals. My local shelter is not a no-kill shelter, and they do not work as hard as the volunteers at People for Pets to find good homes for their animals. I appreciate the time the volunteers put in to help me find the cat for me.


    Run by people who love animals


    By appointment only

  • 3. Love is what it is all about!!

    by: sip4par

    I have been involved with P4P since the end of 2002. We have made some wonderful strides in that time. We were such a small group that wanted to give the animals so much more. We have been able to do that throughout the years!! I am so proud of the people that I work with! P4P is now bigger and better because of them! The animals love and appreciate everything that is done for them and with them. All of our volunteers are not able to help at the shelter daily, weekly or even monthly but they help in other ways....donations, transports, fundraising, animal awareness, adminstrative assistance......I could go on and on! Those that are able to help at the shelter do such a wonderful job in their quest to keep the place in tip top shape. Thinking of ways to improve the building and improve the animals quality of life. Hands down the best group that I have ever had the chance to work with. Keep up the great job you all do in our journey to keep all of the pets safe and healthy until they find their forever dream home!


    Loving, helpful, dedicated and hard working volunteers


    We need more room!!

  • 4. Compassion describes People for Pets

    by: sandychrisy

    People for Pets entered my life last year after doing a service project there with my confirmation group. I fell in love with the animals, volunteers and their commitment, and our adopted dog-Chrisy! Since then I volunteer 4 times a week with chores and care of the dogs. We have been involved in fundraising and my daughter, Paige, oftens comes along with me to help with especially the cats. The people who volunteer there are truly there for the animals. We all have a common goal to socialize, care for, and find a home for the animals. When my dog, Chrisy, was found to have heart worm, my adoption fee was waived due the expense of treating her. That was definately very understanding and compassionate to me.


    Caring volunteers that treat the animals with tender loving care.


    Since everybody is volunteer it's hard to have someone there at all times.