Pennsylvania Spca

350 E Erie Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19134

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. PSPCA

    by: mindymoore

    I think the CEO of the PSPCA should be asshamed of himself. An organization with such large funds should be able to afford to spay/neuter the animals before they leave the shelter. How many of these animals have reproduced because they left the PSPCA unaltered? I will not donate a penny to this organization. I will only give my money to a REPUTABLE rescue or shelter. One that actually care about the animals in its care.




    dirty, they don't alter the animals, nasty and unethical CEO

  • 2. Such a loving staff

    by: romancenwva

    I love the PSPCA. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They really seem to care about the animals. I also had my pup spayed there and they were fantastic with her. No infection, and they called me right away to let me know she was ok.


    Tons of animals



  • 3. Has its ups and downs

    by: Kris821

    They are a shelter and do have great animals. I do believe they do what they can for all the animals brought to them but, they are a kill shelter. Of course always go to a shelter for your pet though don't buy and always spay or neuter your pets!


    Lots of lovable animals for adoption


    Its a kill shelter

  • 4. I've adopted my pets from this shelter

    by: Krys

    I've adopted from the SPCA years ago. I recommend everyone to use the SPCA or PACCA/PAWS when considering a pet! Please don't buy from a pet store!!\r\n\r\nI am currently disappointed that this shelter has placed negative accusations against another Philly shelter instead of using this engery to save animals lives. I think the CEO needs to be fired for the stunt he pulled by placing such false allegations against PACCA. These city shelters need to work together not against each other. They need to focus on getting the government more involved in funding their institutions!!!!


    They save homeless animals


    They are not working with PACCA/PAWS effectively to save lives