Peninsula friends of animals/safehaven

P.o. box 404
Sequim, WA 98382

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. A temporary home for the homeless kitties

    by: deebrrs

    PFOA is a wonderful feline shelter- the staff and volunteers help alleviate the misery suffered by the animals who are relinquished to the shelter, who would otherwise be abandoned or killed. Like all non-profits these days, donations to PFOA are down, but spirits are high as the humans cope to help the animals. It's low-income spay/neuter program clinics are the primary method of cutting back on unwanted animals being born, and the clinics seem to have made a diffference already. Small dogs are fostered, - perhaps some day in the future PFOA will have a small dog -shelter building.


    home-like atmosphere


    still, it is only a temporary fix - more homes are needed

  • 2. Wonderful shelter

    by: shampel

    PFOA is a wonderful organization which does a great deal towards caring for the overload of cats in our area. I have adopted two kittens through them, and the experience was very good. The volunteers and foster parents are dedicated, knowledgeable and caring.


    No-kill policy


    not enough resources for demand