Peewees pet adoption

1307 saratoga blvd
Corpus christi, TX 78417

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Doing their best in a bad situation

    by: judycraver57

    I have been to PeeWee's several times. I always leave with an ache in my heart for the animals there. PeeWee's is doing they best they can in an over populated situation. They do care for the animals. However, the grounds are dirty and nasty, they need more help to do some real cleaning out there.


    providing care for unwanted animals


    nasty grounds, needs more cleaning

  • 2. Peewees provides agreat service

    by: nuclearlyn

    \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPeewees staff has always been very kind and helpful when I have worked with them to adopt my dogs. They provide a great community service by caring for and adopting out abused and abandoned animals. Keep up the good work.\r\n


    Helps many abused and neglrcted animals



  • 3. PeeWee's staff is great.

    by: Kyblossom

    This group is always looking at ways to improve the lives on animals in our community. The volunteers are great. I have gotten three dogs from PeeWee's and will continue to support their efforts.


    They will not euthanize animals and take good care of them


    Wish they had more enclosed shelters