Pawtropolis Inc

112 Athens West Pkwy
Athens, GA

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Wonderful place

    by: mollymelin

    This is a wonderful facility in Athens that does so much for individuals, pets, and the community! They are friendly folks who you should go to when you want your pet groomed or want to find out how to adopt a pup or kitten of your own!


    Clean place, friendly staff



  • 2. play the day away

    by: quackers

    My dog loves to spend her "doggy hotel" time at PAwtropolis because they get to play all day long rather than sitting in cramped cages. even the kennels for sleeping at night are plenty big for her to stretch out and catch some much needed zzz's after playing hard all day. Staff is very hands on with the animals and vigilant for any altercations between pets, also very conscientious about how you feed and medicate your dog so as not to change schedules any more than necessary while you board. Cameras throughout the facility webcast during the day so you can check up on your pup while you're away.\r\n\r\nMore expensive than standard boarding, but well worth it.


    great staff, safe place to board your playful pup


    slightly expensive

  • 3. Highly Recommend

    by: zoomama

    Pawtropolis offers a self service spa. Great for dogs that don't like a bath because you can clip them into the bathtub so you have both hands free to wash your dog and keep them happier. There are aprons available to keep your clothes dry. The tubs are waist level so you don't have to bend over. You can even give your dog a blow dry and spritz on some cologne before you go.\r\n\r\nFor an additional fee (day care customers only I think), a Pawtropolis employee will wash your dog for you. Also, if you board your dog, you can pay to add a dog wash, massage or tons of other fun stuff.\r\n\r\nI haven't used the grooming services yet, but they just got a new groomer that I have heard wonderful things about.


    convenient, lots of options, all supplies provided with cost


    can be expensive depending on what options you choose

  • 4. Great cut, great people, great price

    by: cindyalexander

    I took my miniature poodle, Minnie, in for a haircut. They did a great job with her! Her cut is a bit close, but that's my fault and not theirs (I let her get some mats...bad mom!). We will definitely be coming back!


    very friendly and knowledgeable


    can't think of any

  • 5. Great place to bathe your own dog!

    by: angela1594

    My dog is approximately 50 lbs. For $10, I can bathe her here and spare my tub and bathroom being filled with black hair! Included in the price is towel or blow drying and nail clipping. They also get a cookie at the end!


    Great alternative to a hairy tub and bathroom!!


    Only one set of stairs per 2 hard to get large dogs in & out if you don't have the stairs.