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  • 1. Nikki & I loved Dr. Schwabe

    by: valstj

    My dog Nikki and I were referred to PAWS for a second opinion from my vet. Dr. Schwabe examined Nikki and said "I'm not a proponent of surgery, but this dog is a candidate for knee surgery". She told me what I needed to know to make the decision to take Nikki for surgery in Greensboro.\r\nAfter the healing period, Nikki came back to Dr. Schwabe for her physical therapy. Nikki hated the treadmill and the pool but she was a trooper and did what she had to do. Dr. Schwabe's home PT exercises helped Nikki regain much of her muscle mass after the surgery.\r\nThree years later when Nikki had to have the other knee repaired, we went back to Dr. Schwabe. She never recommended any therapy that wasn't absolutely necessary for Nikki.\r\nDr. Schwabe and her staff were genuinely caring toward Nikki and toward me. I highly recommend this group for the non-traditional healing approach for animals.


    Great care for my dog and me


    A long drive from Lynchburg

  • 2. Helping the furry guys

    by: BitBucketBob

    I love getting appointments for my dogs or shelter dogs with Dr. Schwabe. She is so gentle and good to every patient. I have been lucky that this year I have not had to take any of my own animals to her, but she has seen several of our shelter animals. She gives her clients inexpensive alternatives to conventional treatments.


    Wonderful holistic advice and treatment


    Only one of her--she needs to clone herself

  • 3. Great options for pet care

    by: BShack

    Dr. Schwabe's holistic vetting practice is like an unknown treasure in the midst of surgery and amputations. I sought her out for a consult for my newest rescue dog, a German Shepherd puppy of 7 months, whose pelvis had been crushed, and who suffered from broken femurs in both rear legs. No surgery has been done, but leash walking and rest has allowed Malika's body to heal with time. Thanks, Regina!


    Knowledgeable and courteous



  • 4. Great Place!

    by: TRS

    Dr Regina Schwabe and her staff are remarkable. Rebel and Dixie love her and so do we. She has a indoor, inground, heated current pool that is the center attraction. She will do whatever it takes to get the desired result.\r\nTina


    This is the best place with the best people.


    Absolutely none.