Paws incorporated animal shelter

77 north willow street
Montclair, NJ 70420
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Closing

    by: VKiggins

    This facility is closing down and the municipality is taking over. I understand how hard this will be for thjose who have been involved. Hopefull there will be positive changes.


    Volunteers really care


    Closing down

  • 2. Is this place closing ?

    by: rfrandall

    We adopted our Rotweiler,Princess, from here. We found the staff to be courtious and helpful. I have the impression these folks have alot to do with very little funding. (And, everyone knows how tough it can be to place Pitt Bulls !) Lately, I've been hearing that PAWS my have to shut down due to lack of funding. That would be a shame !


    close to home,helpful staff


    has mostly Pit Bulls, Pitt Bull Mixes, Rotweillers, etc.

  • 3. They do a lot with very little

    by: ibedatkid

    I went here with my friend to get a cat and these people were great. They even followed up which I like to see. They obviously care for the animals under their care and my friend's cat is perfect and healthy.


    very helpful