Paws And Claws Of Mcneilly Road

Mcneilly Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15226

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. A different view

    by: FrankieBoy

    It was interesting to read the other reviews, especially since Paws & Claws was not open 4 yeas ago, or even 1 year ago as two of the reviewers claim. As for the two Poms, if the job was so bad why didn't you contact us. We would have happily made any adjustments or arrangements to make you satisfied. At the time of the grooming, the person who picked up the Poms expressed satisfaction with the job. We only found out about this review from a current customer who felt this over all review was totally inaccurate. As a groomer and lover of pets, we want to see everyone satisfied and happy.


    Friendly and Pet loving


    Nothing we know of . . .

  • 2. Just Awful!!

    by: ShellyC

    I am sad to say that I will never take my two poms here again. I had a friend take them as I was at work and was appalled at what they did to my poor girl pom. Told them not to take off the mane it is completely gone. She is uneven and has a huge clump that they missed under her chin. Her paws were not done correctly at all!! This place is lucky that I didn't pick them up myself I would have refused to pay for her. The male didn't look too bad. They don't use a good smelling shampoo. When I take them to Petco they smell good for about 2 weeks. I never write reviews in fact I think this is the first one I have ever wrote. Please don't take you dog here to be groomed it is not worth saving the 10 dollars. I have trimmed them both in the summer on my own and I did a much better job than that I am not a "professional" dog groomer and neither are the groomers that work here!!





  • 3. never again

    by: rmanz09

    We took our dog here, and he service was terrible. It is literally walking distance from where we live, and I will definately drive 100 miles before I ever go back. The staff was ignorant, and ignored us for 20 minutes as we waited in the lobby. our appointment was at 10, and we got the dog back at 6 pm. They didn't do a very good job. I would never go back there again.


    close to hom


    everything else

  • 4. Never leave your pet unsupervised here

    by: RichStoops

    We have taken our cats here a few times only because this is one of the few places that will actually groom cats in our area. This place is a train wreck though, and we never left our cats there alone - either my wife or I sat and watched the entire time. The groomers do a terrible job on anything other than a bath and the shop is about as low rent as you can get. The last time we were there was about a year or so ago and we don't plan to go back if we can help it.


    One of the few places that will groom cats


    Untrained 'groomers'