Paws - pet animal welfare society

504 main avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great shelter

    by: kcmohney

    This is a wonderful shelter. They take in dogs/cats of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. They truly care about their animals and they give them the training and attention they need to get adopted. They put on great events and make great products to raise money for the organization. I have one of their calendars and went to their wine tasting event. Definitely would recommend.


    Caring and knowledgeable



  • 2. A good shelter

    by: KathCT

    I really like PAWS and everyone I have met who is affiliated with this shelter. They have a good reputation in the area and in the animal welfare community. My impression is that they are able to place many dogs that might be more difficult to adopt out (due to either a behavior issue or their breed). Their shelter is really spacious, although the dog runs are inside-only which must be tough to keep clean. I have visited there on a few Saturdays and it always seems busy with adoptions.


    responsible, well-run shelter


    don't know of any