P.a.w.s - paragould animal welfare society

1103 east kingshighway
Paragould, Ar 72450

User Reviews (17)

  • 1. paws are neat

    by: myerslf

    You Guys do a great job,Thank You!





  • 2. PAWS is a great organization, they helped me once with a stray when I had no other options for placement closer to where I lived at the time

    by: rememberingromeo

    I had a good experience with PAWS once some years ago when they took a stray cat from me to find it a home. I was treated well and found them to be caring, reliable, and clean. I'll never be able to thank them enough for taking an animal from someone from out of their area, not everyone would do that. I wish them well in this contest, and in the future as they face trying to grow and better meet the needs of animals. I don't know of a community that appreciates their local animal shelter enough. I'm hoping that this contest will give all participating shelters exposure in their communities that will significantly increase support. I hope zootoo will continue to do things that will help, in whatever ways they can too. We all can't win, so we have to make sure all this good work is beneficial somehow.


    attractive and well kept facility, great service to animals, caring and helpful staff


    I'm sure they could use a larger facility in which to serve animals

  • 3. Animal Shelter

    by: blueeyes220

    I have been there several times. The staff are very friendly and very caring. They deserve a makeover.


    Staff is great


    They really need a makeover and more room

  • 4. An Awsome Facility

    by: Margie1

    I know the kind of awsome work the P.A.W.S. Shelter here in Paragould, AR. does for our needy and homeless pets. Family members, as well as myself, have adopted beautiful, happy, healthy animals from their facility. I would love to see their shelter win and their facility get the "Million Dollar Makeover"!!!


    Always friendly, available, and helpful.


    They just need a bigger and better facility to continue their awsome work!

  • 5. Sae have for animals

    by: BryanH

    My sister volunteers at PAWS, and I have visited a few times. The facilty is always very clean and everyone there seems to treat each animal as they would thier own. These guys really need a bigger facility in order to help even more homeless pets, I really hope they win this makeover!


    Very clean, knowledgeable staff


    too small of a facility

  • 6. Great Shelter!

    by: kcharris

    The shelter has been around since 1998 and has saved the lives of so many pets since its opening. The shelter is dedicated to taking in strays and those unwanted and doing their very best to find loving homes. What is sad, is that many people prefer to go to a breeder and purchase a pet instead of swinging by a shelter and getting a pet that really WANTS a home. PAWS has always been pro-spay/neuter and continues to fight the battle of getting out this crucial subject to save more lives of pets. Looking for that right pet? I can bet you might just find it at PAWS and if not, they are helpful enough to record your name down in a log book just in case someone surrenders a pet that you are looking for. They also promote the site : petfinder.com that gives details on all homeless pets under a category that one would be looking for.


    Friendly and very helpful when looking for that right pet


    Because the shelter is a non-profit organization, the building is not as big as the hard working volunteers would like. Hopefully, the shelter will get the needed funds to build/add areas.

  • 7. great shelter

    by: telisha

    All of my family have been using paws when searching for a furry companion and theyve never had any problems. We all love paws! The managers are awsome, they know what there doing and care for the animals a lot! The place is well managed and never has a terrible problem.


    animals are well cared for while waiting for the right person!


    its slowly getting to small

  • 8. Paragould Animal shelter

    by: Ozzy

    P.A.W.S. is a wonderful shelter for needy animals. I have adopted 2 pets from this shelter and if I had room I would adopt more. I have also taken one dog that came up to our house to the shelter the staff was very helpful and caring for this dog I felt like they took very good care of this animal in need and placed him in a good home.


    Great Animal shelter


    Not enough space for all left behind animals

  • 9. Paws! Is where the heart is !!

    by: jeanielavigne

    The people at P.A.W.S are quick to the draw at answering any questions a person has when it comes the the welfare of all animals. They take great pride in their jobs whether it be in the health of the animals at the facility or the cleanliness of the place. Ive never seen a more devoted bunch of people pulling together as a team to get the job done. They treat all the animals as if they were family members. They are not afraid to give an extra hug or kiss to any and every animal that comes through the door. Regardless of how crowded it gets in there, everyone strives to find a new home for the little ones. The love for the animals is so intense! These people take animals home with them at night just to let them feel a little bit of home. A miraculous place! Every animal lovers haven, just hope they can win a little something so they can have more room. They are very Pawesome!


    Well knowledged staff and overly loving volunteers!!


    Too small for all they need to work with.

  • 10. AWonderful Safe Haven for animals with a staff that truly cares

    by: tooz333

    This is a clean safe shelter. The staff cares and loves animals.


    Wonderful Staff


    too small

  • 11. My P.A.W.S review...

    by: ghanes14

    There are just to many stray animals and to many owners that just let there animals get pregnant but can't take care of all the animals afterwards in this town and P.A.W.S is the most known animal shelter in our town/area and they have been around for years, however the shelter they are in right now only has a few small rooms.\n\nIn there quarterly newsletter is says in the months of Oct. Nov, and Dec that 600+ animals where brought in which shocked me when I read it because the shelter is so small I don't see how they could be able to house over 30-40 dogs at a time and thats with sharing cage room with multiple dogs. \n\nI believe they deserve a bigger shelter, even if it isn't a million dollar shelter they need a bigger shelter to help more animals.


    Nice people, take care of all the cats/dogs they can handle.


    Way to small...

  • 12. The Best Place Ever!

    by: brittanymonette

    One of my Bestfriends works there and she loves it! I've been in there plenty of times, and each time either i'm with her not everyone is super friendly, and they are very dedicated to what they do! I mean those girls seriously make the animals come before everything! Each animal is played with and talked to! You seriously can tell that the staff loves what they do. The shelter is also a very clean facility! Now I know animals make messes yes, but every time one does someones right there to clean it, there's no overlooking it anything. Its done right then an there!


    Friendly and Clean


    Wayy too small!

  • 13. Wonderful!

    by: harveylyles

    My granddaughter volunteers at P.A.W.S and she loves it! Everyone down there is super friendly and willing to help every animal, and all pet owners. I think P.A.W.S is a wonderful place for a person to get a pet from or to take their pet to. The people down there are very dedicated and you can honestly tell they love what they do!


    Great Shelter



  • 14. Paws!

    by: krystle08

    I wrote the cons due to the fact that p.a.w.s obviously doesn't have alot of space! A few things that make up for it is the staff, volunteers, our animals & the friendly people who donate! Just like each caring person who helps paws, even the animals there are so very unique and friendly! We are so thankful that p.a.w.s exists and how helpful they are! I sometimes don't like to ponder on how things would be without p.a.w.s! P.a.w.s is the voice for their healthy animals! They don't stop at anything when it comes to taking care of such wonderful, happy, healthy & smart animals! They do whatever it takes to find them each, a life long home! However, not every animal is fortunate enough due to the very small space it has! P.a.w.s goes to the limit on taking care of their animals and seeing to it, that they get the best of homes! They're staff, volunteers & the wonderful people that donate, is what makes p.a.w.s possible! I would be super amazed if paws could get a make-over, but! If not, I know that wouldn't stop paws from being the generous people that they are! I strongly feel and really believe they deserve it!


    Very helpful staff & the happiest of animals!


    Not enough space!

  • 15. PAWS Is GREAT

    by: Remington16

    I volunteered at P.A.W.S for two years, and it is a truly WONDERFUL place. The animals are clean and happy, the staff is amazing and they only have one thing in mind, keeping animals safe and getting them to new homes!


    Very Clean, and knowlegeable staff, the animals are so happy


    They really need a new shelter to help even MORE animals

  • 16. Awesome Place

    by: MeaganM12

    This is a great site. The animals are well cared for by a very caring staff. They just need more space and funding to take care of more animals.


    Great Place


    Not enough space or money

  • 17. Great Facility

    by: mothershedw

    This is a great place for Paragould. The staff is knowledgable and caring. They take care of the animals and try to place them with the best families.


    Wonderful caring place


    Not enough space