Paw Cottage, Llc

270 S. Purcell Blvd.
Pueblo West, CO 81007

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  • 1. Disappointed :(

    by: katiefiller

    I have never had my dogs boarded before. I was nervous about leaving them. Perhaps I am making an unfair and biased judgement on my experience. You decide.\r\n\r\n\r\n(January 2007) - I knew my father-in-law was dying from cancer so I contacted the Paw Cottage as soon as possible {because we had just moved to Pueblo from Pennsylvania} regarding boarding my 2 dogs ( I wanted a plan in place so that my husband and I could go back East asap) & had my Vet in PA fax their records to the Paw Cottage\r\n\r\n(Febuary 2007) - I brought the dogs to the Paw Cottage for grooming/ took a very quick tour of the boarding facility \r\n\r\n(May 2007) - I had appointment made for another grooming at the Paw Cottage; I went to said appointment for 8am which took me a half hour to drive there to be told that "because they weren't able to reach me to confirm the appointment" that I had called and made, mind you! "they gave it to someone else." ( I still had my Pennsylvania cell phone and used that for all my calling needs. My PA number is 717-542-****. Colorado uses a 719 area code. 542 or 543 also.) I should have recognized the fact that they aren't careful about this.\r\n\r\n(June 2007) - My father in law passed away. I contacted the Paw Cottage and made arrangements verbally over the phone. I was told I could bring their bed & toys to make them more comfortable. I also brought their food in hopes they might eat.\r\n\r\nMy husband and I arrive with the dogs & said items in tow. We were paying $45/day for both of them.\r\n\r\nI was already upset about the passing of my FIL & leaving my boys for the 1st time was very hard.\r\n\r\nWe get to their "room" and it is a little larger than their crate at home with an attached run out to a cement slab. \r\n\r\n(June 2007) - My husband and I call every other day to get an update on how they are doing. Told doing well, eating well every time.\r\n\r\n(July 3, 2007) - We return to Pueblo in the middle of the night & get up early to pick up the dogs. When we arrive a day early we are shocked at what we find.\r\n\r\nThe facility decided to move our dogs to a different kennel within the facility.\r\n\r\nToby has been hurt and has a 1 inch cut on his leg.\r\n\r\nTheir dog bed is not in the kennel. It is actually over the side of the kennel. I am told it is easier for the kennel attendants to clean their kennel this way.\r\n\r\nThe dogs are soaked. I did not ask for them to be washed/groomed. Come to find out the kennel attendant uses a hose to clean the cement slab kennel. Hmmm.\r\n\r\nInitially, they do not know where their collars & leashes are. \r\n\r\nThey have lost their nylabones and stuffed animal.\r\n\r\nTheir food hasn't been touched.\r\n\r\nWhen I inquire about these issues - the lady isn't sure about anything.\r\n\r\nI get my dogs and get out of there as fast as possible.\r\n\r\nA few days after the 4th of July holiday, I called and spoke with the manager of the Paw Cottage. No satisfaction is received with the answers I receive. \r\n\r\nI was made to feel like my dogs would be walked, have personal attention and have their toys and bed etc. Obviously, this did not occur. I'm very disappointed and I have not used the Paw Cottage for grooming or boarding. \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n


    Secure facility.


    A totally differente experience verses what I was "told" was going to happen.