Patterson veterinary hospital

812 kerns road
Mason, MI 48854
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Very pleased with services and prices

    by: eandk

    I was happy with the prices. I did not care for Dr. Patterson himself but really like Dr. Desilva she is very though and takes her time with you and does not rush it as if your in an assembly line. I request her every time I go. I have to wait a little longer when I request a certain vet, but its worth it. I have had Dr. Gill he was good and another female (don't know her name but was good also) vet when Desilva was not available and they were both great. I drive a little to get there but find it worth my while.


    Prices are great & I like a couple of the veterinarians there


    Can be busy if you must go in the evening hours or on saturdays

  • 2. Mixed Feelings

    by: oceanmist810

    I used to go to Patterson's until I took a litter of puppies in to get their first shots. The next day one of the puppies died (the first born, largest puppy). I took the puppies back in immediately and it turns out they all had parvo and were dehydrated. Now given that the vet tech had her hands on each puppy - you'd think they'd notice the dehydration or a problem. \nThe positive thing is i was able to get pills for the puppies to save their lives. Where as other vets wanted $3,000 to incubate and didnt guarantee anything. I stopped going for the simple fact that i dont have all day to wait at that place but the prices are affordable for most. "you get what you pay for" as they say.


    Great prices, knowledgable


    LONG wait, no appointments

  • 3. Patterson's is great

    by: funnyfarm1995

    I have come to love this veterinary office in the past few months. They are very pleasant and helpful. They have evening hours until 8pm which is awesome if you work full time like I do. They don't take appointments so you don't have to worry about scheduling with them and then hoping you can be there a particular can just pick up and go when it works for your schedule. Sometimes you have a bit of a wait this way, but I find it's worth it for the convenience and low prices. I highly recommend them to my friends and family!


    Hours are really convenient, staff is pleasant and helpful


    First come first serve basis, no appts, so sometimes you wait a bit