Pat's pet clip

125 stetson rd
Brooklyn, CT 06234

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  • 1. Pat is a goddess to my pets

    by: itwoman

    Having Old English Sheepdogs means that good pet ownership involves regular grooming. Most of the time, the owner, me, manages to do regular maintenance grooming, but it is a delight when Pat comes to give the dogs a bath and grooming. The dogs are not wild about our grooming time together, but they just love it when Pat comes -- could it be the treats?\r\n\r\nPat will do grooming that is fairly time-intensive. For example in the Summer and Fall, we like the dogs in a puppy cut that is a little on the longish side. Many groomers will just shave the dogs down to the skin, whereas Pat will patiently scissor their coats down.


    Moble groomer; rates are quite reasonable; the animals love Pat