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Passage East Kennels (a.k.a. Yokosa)

499 Danbury Rd
Wilton, CT 06897

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Very unhappy experience.

    by: wiltonmom

    Our dog recently stayed for 9 nights at Passage East while we were on a family vacation. This was not his first time. However, it will probably be his last. I'm not sure why it was different this time, but many mistakes were made regarding the care and feeding of our pet. The kennel states on their web site (and in person) that people are welcomed to bring their choice of food, as well as any treats. Following those guidelines, we packed up our dog's canned food as well as the treats he is used to receiving once or twice a day. Upon arrival at the kennel, I explained our pet's feeding schedule and the amounts needed. This info was also written on the box the food was in. In addition, my kids picked out a special toy from the kennel shop for our pet to play with during his stay. When I picked our dog up, I was handed our original box. It seemed quite heavy, and when I looked inside for the dog toy, all the food and treats were still there! When I asked the owner, he said very nonchalantly, "Oh, I guess they felt all he needed was kibble. Trust me, he didn't starve!" Then, he had the nerve to ask me why we would feed him canned food anyway. "He's a lab, they'd eat a sock if you gave it to them." Just because a lab eats anything, doesn't mean I shouldn't feed him a nutricious and varied diet, does it? Why not just apologize for his mistake instead of trying to make the client feel guilty for feeding her dog canned food? As for the treats, I even asked at drop-off time if they were allowed, and he said "Sure!". And the dog toy? It wasn't there, and I was told by the owner "Oh, he tore that thing up after a couple of days!" Do I trust that that's what really happened? No way. To make matters worse, we had requested a grooming prior to pick-up, and even received a confirmation call the day before it was supposed to happen. But, it did not. I was told "it was not on the schedule." Then the groomer said "don't worry, we'll get him next time." Sorry, but there won't be a next time. The worst part was being questioned about what I feed my dog and why. Perhaps I should've asked him why he is such an unprofessional and rude business owner. Unreal.




    Rude, unorganized, don't honor promises.

  • 2. Deffinetly!

    by: mydogsmom507

    I've been about 6 times to Passage East and never have had a problem with Manager A.J. I've been going there for 2 years and honestly it seems to get better every time. My dogs are so happy when they go to the kennel because of the staff and the other dogs there. Even if i need to only have my dog stay over night, they never have a problem with it! Very accommodating. Thank you


    clean, friendly, caring



  • 3. Pass on Passage East

    by: LPartington

    They had no idea if my dog had eaten, how she was all weekend. AND the manager is especially rude and has horrendous customer service!


    Not many


    Staff is very rude and unhelpful

  • 4. Wonderful!

    by: jcrussell96

    I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the manager, A.J., and staff at Passage East because they generously donate space for rescued animals. Before we adopted one of our dogs, he was sheltered at Passage East after he was rescued from a kill-shelter in the south. He was extrememly well-cared for and clean when we adopted him. And the staff had been feeding him healthy all-natural food. Their large play yard allowed him to enjoy his stay. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend them to anyone. You won't find a more dedicated staff!


    Clean, great staff, large yard


    busy road