Parsippany animal shelter

1069 parsippany blvd
Parsippany, NJ 07054
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. helpful when needed

    by: mollybean59

    i have had two experiences - first my friends dog was lost in my neighborhood and the ACO were right on it and took her to the shelter. My friend was able to determine she was there and picked her up safe and sound in the morning. Also, I had a stray cat in my basement and finally I trapped it and took it to the shelter. They were pleasant and efficient.


    helpful when needed; close to home


    don't have any

  • 2. Has worked through some issues

    by: VKiggins

    The shelter has gone through some changes in personnel and I know the volunteers that were working there were asked to leave. I understand there has been some progress in improving relationships. I hope that they are successful because they serve a very large community and are an important community service.


    Looks like its doing much better



  • 3. Small but effective

    by: Maddiemoney

    My dog got lost at a friends house in Parsipanny and I was frantic trying to find her. I finally went to the shelter and they had had her all along but never checked her to see if she had been microchippped. If they had I would have been contacted immediately and both of us (me and the dog) would have had a much better afternoon. I'm not sure why they didn't do this but they were incredibly nice people and the shelter appeared very clean and neat.


    Good Caring People