Parma animal control shelter

6260 state road 6611 ridge
Parma, OH 44134
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Very Unhappy with Service.

    by: Anonimity56

    For a shelter that advertises in taking in stray dogs and cats from the Parma area, they denied an injured kitten that I found in the Parma area from being cared for and taken in at their shelter. I had volunteered at the shelter for two years in the past and honestly, I expected higher of them. I was astounded at the negative attitude that they evoked towards me, and not remembering that I was a dedicated volunteer in the past. They told me that if I were to leave the kitten with them, they would be entitled to call the police on me for "abandonment" (although it wasn't my kitten, it was a stray!) They also told me that they weren't accepting any more cats, although I know for a fact that the shelter is never "Full", they just decide to treat their customers in a rotten manner - as they expected that I was just dumping one of my cats that I bought from a pet store on them - which is extremely untrue; therefore they make it very difficult for a parma citizen to do a good deed and bring in a stray (i've witnessed this scenario in the past when I volunteered.) After bantering with them about how I found the kitten, they made me sign a form, telling me that the animal warden was going to put the kitten to sleep. They continued to verbally harrass me about how I was killing a kitten - a kitten that I couldn't keep hence I barely have a living space of my own and am living on food stamps - as I walked out of the shelter my visit was then concluded with "Thank you for Killing It."


    If you could get a cat in the shelter, it gets taken care of well (I hope)


    Very rude to people, makes me worry about how they treat their animals.

  • 2. Great To Be a Volunteer

    by: RebeccaRVT

    I have been a volunteer with the Parma Animal Shelter for over 7 years! We strive to provide the highest care and the best homes for our "residents". If you are looking for a great forever addition to your family here is the place to look. If you are looking to give back to the community, Parma Animal Shelter is the place to volunteer!


    Endless Love!


    Not enough good homes out there!

  • 3. Clean

    by: renpaul

    This shelter was wonderful when we wanted to get a dog. They put us through the gauntlet to see what dog was going to be our new family member. They were awesome!


    Made you feel like family



  • 4. Good place for pets

    by: Judijudi

    I have visited this shelter several times, although I haven't adopted a pet. It was very clean each time. The cats looked healthy and content. (I didn't check the dog area.) No one offered to help me, though, something I have gotten from other shelters. They just seemed to busy trying to keep up with the maintenance. This may be no fault of the shelter--they may need more volunteers.





  • 5. Parma Animal Shelter

    by: furfinsfeather

    This note is to commend the Parma Animal Shelter for their careful screening of potential adopters. \r\nThis really does help in placing animals properly.\r\n\r\nI applied a while ago, and although I did not formally complete the process and got an older cat elsewhere, I did think that Parma Animal Shelter was a caring organization in placing unwanted cats/dogs.


    Very concerned with adopting out animals to the right person


    Maybe overly critical if one already owns a few dogs/cats already

  • 6. Very Helpful

    by: bowne

    We adopted both of our cats from this shelter. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They spoke with us about our family and any pets we already had and helped up pick out another cat that would "fit in". We've been very happy with\r\nthem.


    Staff are very friendly and helpful


    The shelter is only open for limited hours during the day