Parkersburg City Park

Just Off Of Seventh St.
Parkersburg, WV 26101

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Nice Park for Pets

    by: kimframpton

    A beautiful place to walk your dogs. Wide open spaces, friendly people. Easy access.


    Close to where I used to work, always happy people there, lots of room.


    Don't get there much because of job.

  • 2. Decent Place to Walk

    by: SarahVallo

    I walk there a lot with my dog. So much so that my dog knows the way to the park and gets all excited if I start to drive that way. It has a nice paved track all around the park, basketball/ tennis/horseshoe/volleyball courts, a pavillion that people can rent, a stage for bands to play, a swimming pool, a goofey golf course and a nice little stocked pond. Although it was made a bit more dog friendly by putting up the things that I can't think of the name of with the bags for cleaning up after our dog, but thats pretty much all it has for dogs along with one bowl at one shelter for dogs to drink out of. Its more of a place for people that just allows for people to bring a dog if they wish. Not a place mainly for dogs or even a place with a fenced in area where dogs an play off a leash. Not saying that dogs won't enjoy getting to bark at the ducks or the kids skateboarding and all the smells but it seems more for people.


    Recently made a bit more dog friendly


    Not exactly for dogs

  • 3. Nice place for walking!

    by: ShadowLove

    City Park is a great place to be when it comes to walking your dog. There is always plenty of track for your dog and I usually run into family and friends walking as well, it's always great to run into someone you've not seen in a while and catch up while walking your pets. My dog Shadow just loves going for walks and seems to be in high spirits while enjoying the scenery and "new" smells while walking in the park. It's a great place!


    Nice place for "social" dog walking!



  • 4. Exercise

    by: tarakay1

    This is a great park for the whole family, including your furry 4 legged pets. They do have a nice walking track that completely circles the park and is nicely paved with great lanscaping. A nice place to walk your dog.


    Nice Quiet Setting



  • 5. Nice to walk around

    by: ksatana

    We would walk here more often if we lived closer, but it's too far from us. It's a pleasant enough place for a stroll, you can't spend hours and your pets must be on a leash. It's nice for something different and there are always quite a few other dog walkers.


    Pleasant place to walk


    Not actually for dogs