Paris Hill Cat Hospital

2825 State Route 12
Sauquoit, NY 13456

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Experience

    by: dfdmedic38

    I have brought both of my cats to Paris Hill. When my cat had to be put to sleep because of a tumor they were extremely supportive and made sure we were okay. The staff continues to provide quality and knowledgeable care to our new kitten. He required a hernia operation which was completed while he was neutered. They did an excellent job with the surgery and we have had no medical concerns since then. I will continue to use Paris Hill Cat Hospital.


    Extremely friendly & knowledgeable


    A little pricy & location

  • 2. Never Again

    by: Ladyjoker26

    I took my cats there to get fixed, afterwards my cats became vicious and attaked my dogs and myself. They also hissed all the time, and let noone near them for months after. They both also came back walking funny, and over a year after the fact, they both have big pouchy looking areas on thier bellys. To this day, my one cat hasent been the same. After this all first happened, I called Paris Hill and even brought my cats back to them, telling them of my cats vicious behavior and the hissing and all, they showed little to no concern for my cats nor offered me any reasons why both my cats attitude have changed. They neither helped out there after or called to see how my cats were doing after the many phone calls I had made to them.


    it may be cheaper (but it's not worth it)