Pantano Animal Clinic

8333 E 22Nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85710

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  • 1. best vets in tucson

    by: paws4acause

    Our dog was at a vet in tucson(not naming) who never diganosed our dog with anything but that he had pnemonia.I had to go in there every two days to tell them he needs help he is dying on me. In the end and 9 pills a day later with no results and out of anymore money( this vet took all i had) I saved him myself. This vet never ran what i learned from pantano animal clinic this feb( desert valley screeneing test) All the time he had tick fever. They said hes had it since i had him which meant the other vet should have had us do this test but never did. Pantano animal clinic listen to my concerns and the history on our bruce and his hard life struggle . They noted everything that was said and even entered it into the computer. They had x-rays sent over while i was talking with them from the other vet. They checked him over and over. They were kind with him and took the time to love on him. The staff was very kind. The vet personally called me to discuss bruce results and what it all meant. They were open and honest with me about his life chances and what we could try. The office even called to check weeks later to see how he was doing on his medicine and if i thought he was improving. They have showed nothing but compassion for our dog and for how we fell for him. He goes back march 13 for another test. I am confident that with pantano animal clinic no matter what the outcome for bruce is(hopefully good) bruce is in the BEST place possible for his care. I would recomend this place to anyone who care for there animals. The vets /staff truly LOVE animals here and it shows! Thanks for helping our bruce!


    takes time to listen