Panhandle animal welfare society (paws)

752 lovejoy road
Fort walton beach, FL 32548

User Reviews (17)

  • 1. So glad there are rescues

    by: pah210

    I have such admiration for those that rescue.


    Helping the homeless



  • 2. The Rescue Team is Wonderful...

    by: fladallady

    This hard working group of people are always willing to step up to help animals. I have been involved with them for over 19 years and they are great to work with. They got in touch with me to help find a new forever home for a 13 year old Dalmatian right around Christmas 2007 and then in January when they received another young Dalmatian with heartworms, they stepped up to help me put him through the treatment so that he can come be a member of our home. \r\nThey run on very little funding because of the 'dog-UN-friendly' city & county government. They make great use of their cramped building that desperatly needs updating.\r\nGreat crew, big hearts, small budget! They need our help!


    They really care for the animals and their clients...


    Low funding leads to lower staffing...

  • 3. P.A.W.S Is awsome!!!

    by: animallover27

    Paws is a wonderfull!! They helped me and my dad find my dog kayne!!! And when mine, and my dad's friend tiffany's dog dude caught the terrible virus parvo, paws was able to tell us that he had parvo, so that we could treat him, (He ended up dying, R.I.P, in loving memory.) I LOOOOOOOOOOVE P.A.W.S!!!!!\r\nAnd i hope they keep running for years to come, god bless you p.a.w.s!!!!!!!!!!





  • 4. 4 Paws Up for PAWS!^^

    by: TheAlphaDog

    I've worked and volunteered in many shelters over the years and PAWS is one of the Top 2 in my experience. \r\nThe entire staff really cares about what they do anad go out of their way, even in their own time to support the shelter and provide a s much help as possible to both the animals AND their owners.\r\n\r\nMost of my dogs have come from PAWS, and some of them I know would have been put down had they ended up in any other shelter.\r\nIf I had more room, time and money I would surely add more PAWS dogs to my pack.\r\n\r\nI've even adopted guinea pigs and chinchillas from PAWS which I think is pretty cool, when you consider that many shelters would not even be bothered with these animals.\r\n\r\n4 paws up for PAWS!^^\r\n


    They truly care about the animals and do their best to place as many as possible into homes or rescues.


    They are underfunded and don't have enough room for all the animals that need care.

  • 5. Wonderful facility

    by: daniellegrantham

    ive never had a problem with paws they are a very iiformative bunch of people. they are kind considerate and compationate people . it takes a very special person to be able to do what they do and deal with what they do on a day to day basis. our preciouse Loki came from there his previouse owners adopted him from there and they had problems and could not keep the little angel so i took him in and raised him as if he was my own. we got him at 2 1/2 months old and he has been a godsent ever since. he doesnt even know he is a dog shhh cant say hte word he doesnt know what it means. we have desi girl as well but she is a rescue from virgina and is our little baby angel as well. paws has been so helpful with loki and helping me out with anything that i have a question with. i have fostered kittens on my own and they helped me with the supplies to get me started and told me if i need more then they would help as well. all i can say is that they are the best and thank god they are here for the pople of okaloosa county.......


    the people there are great


    the veternary department wonderful as well

  • 6. Family Friendly

    by: ztT4MP83387267

    We have adopted two pets from PAWS over the last 10 years. The staff is wonderful and so are the critters in their care!


    great staff and affordable services


    Deserving of a newer and bigger facility

  • 7. Great Facility

    by: forsythia

    I adopted Lucy from PAWS in Aug. 07. They just put her on the adoptable list the day I saw her. I went to the shelter right away to see her. She was underweight and not eating. They let me foster her that day so she could be more comfortable and gain some weight before being spayed. We called to let them know she was ready to be spayed and they got her in for her surgery quickly. Whenever I needed anything for her medication wise during the fostering they helped immediately. The staff are definatley underappreciated.


    loving staff


    I can't take all the dogs home with me.

  • 8. PAWS needs your help

    by: ankles8503

    I started volunteering at PAWS three days ago and I love it. The people at PAWS are special. They need a new building though. They do the best they can though and a realy good job to. They have brought back sevaral animals back just sence I've been volunteering there.


    Great helpfull people


    needs a new and larger place

  • 9. Great vet!

    by: NeonSign

    PAWS is really good overall. They offer very good vet care at affordable prices. The only drawback I don't like is they won't let you back with your pet when they see the vet. I know the vet from his private practice-Dr. Mark. He's great and really has a love for animals, so I trust him 100%. I just wish I could go back and interact and discuss things while he looks at my pet.


    Affordable vet care


    Doesn't make appointments for routine care

  • 10. A Great Service

    by: cheryl4495

    They offer a multitude of services to the community and their customers. We donate to this great cause any chance we get. The fundraiser store is also a great place to find lots of miscellaneous items. They are very caring and helpful too.


    Multitude of services provided


    Need more room

  • 11. awesome

    by: blueman201

    great facility.great staff. i got my Pomeranian mix , Gizmo, there. they've helped a lot of animals in the past.


    takes everything in for care


    facility is sometimes overrun by all animals taken in

  • 12. Fabulous family

    by: debngaryallen

    What a Great Team! These people genuinly care for every animal in their care no matter how long or short.


    The saff is Great! They are like a family who cares for one another as well as every animal that they care for.


    The facility is not the best. They need this makeover to make the facility shine like the staff does

  • 13. Wonderful Place!

    by: lynn4eighttwenty

    I came in to PAWS through my future mother-in-law Dr. Cathy Rowan Collier. She works here. I was amazed at all the things they do here.\r\n The things they do here are just unbelivable things. They have adoptions for cats and dogs. The clinic is here for people to come in and get their shots. The people here care for the animals and want what is best the animals. They do show concern for people when they need help with there animals. The staff gets excited when one of the adopted animals is taken to a good home.\r\n I was here last week when an elderly man came in. He wanted to adopt a cat. He came and found the one he wanted. We took his picture. The cat was an older cat. When the man held him, the cat was purring on him and loving all over him. Both cat and human were very happy.\r\n I hope people come here to help adopt the beautiful pets we have here. Not just the pups and kittens need adopted. But the older animals do too. They are just as loveable as a kitten or puppy. \r\n I hope this shelter is is picked as one to get the grant to make it a better home for the animals. With all the hard work the people do here, they deserve it. \r\n


    Love all animals that come in.


    Hate to see the ones who have to be surrender

  • 14. working for a shelter

    by: cathrineblack

    I have worked at PAWS for close to 8 years. The staff stays pretty much the same, working at an animal shelter kinda gets in your blood. We have long time staff members that came to us from all kinds of other jobs, from Floral shop owner to construction worker, from grocerie store clerk to waitress. For most of us this is our second home. We worry when we are not here, call on our days off to make sure everything is going ok and that there is nothing we may need to come in to help with. \r\nWe are a close-knit group of people, we are family. \r\n\r\n


    Wonderful staff, great with animals


    Shelter is too small to accomidate the number of animals seen

  • 15. Exellent Facility

    by: RedHeadRule999

    P.A.W.S is the absolute best animal welfare/adoption center/clinic I have ever went to they helped me find my 3 legged wonder Zoey and all of her medical needs and their humane society is absolutly exellent they will be on the spot in an instant to help you.Best clinic in the world got to go see.


    Nice staff do anything to help you and a great clinic



  • 16. Great Shelter

    by: Poirrier

    PAWS works very hard to meet the needs of all the animals in its care. PAWS has a Rescue Team that helped in MIssissippi after Katrina. PAWS build a low cost spay/neuter clinic in 1995 and so far has sterlized over 35,000 animals. This shelter is old and needs help


    Shelter has cared for animals for 50 years


    Building is old and needs help

  • 17. Wonderful Clinic!!!

    by: gigiw

    I love everone that works with P.A.W.S.! They are all so kind and friendly! I had to bring my pet to have a lump removed from his leg and everyone was helpful! The scheduled him right away- and thanks to the staff at P.A.W.S. I felt calm and relaxed the entire time! Thanks- you guys are GREAT!


    Prices, people, and services are GREAT!!!


    You do have to wait.