Pals animal shelter

1101 navigation blvd
Corpus christi, TX 78407

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  • 1. Too many animals, not enough help?

    by: judycraver57

    I have visited this shelter on several different occassions only to find it infested with fleas and ticks and smelling of urine. They must not have enough help. I took my dog there to have her fixed because they do offer low rates. However I complained of the smell when I took her and they told me that were just cleaning up for the morning. When I arrived back to get her (she stayed overnight) it still smelled, maybe worse. I again complained, nothing was said or done. I was glad to get my dog out of there and sure enough she got an infection from the surgery and I had to take her to another Vet. I called them and told them of the situation. They said they were sorry. Instead of being sorry, they need to disinfect and clean up. I know they have a lot of animals but they can still keep it cleaner. I know the animals they do have would not have another place to be, so I am glad that they do have someplace to be cared for and not out on the streets. But please, a little soap and water goes a long way.


    Takes all kinds of animals when can. Offers low cost on fixing animals.


    Dirty inside.