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P.o. box 1674 559, hwy. 7 south
Oxford, MS 38655
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User Reviews (37)

  • 1. Caring

    by: cmbocek

    I adopted my puppy Chance, at the humane society his name was Kirk, from Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. Everyone was very sweet and they did a great job getting me set up to take care of Chance. They gave me all sorts of advice and even provided me with a binder of information on puppies and training. It was a very positive experience other than the condition of the facility, which was old and in shambles. You can tell the staff does what they can, and it was very clean, but they don't have a lot to work with. People who work so hard to help animals should have better resources and and a better facility to do so. Thanks so much to everyone at the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society; I'm rooting for you in the makeover contest!


    Wonderful staff, very kind and helpful!


    They really need a new facility!

  • 2. Please help out.

    by: addemare

    I volunteer at the shelter often. The staff is very kind, and they are willing to stop what they are doing to help. It saddens me to see the small space. They are working hard to get a new shelter, and it is much deserved.


    nice staff, clean.



  • 3. olhs

    by: wlhines

    olhs is improving in all aspects of shelter-life everyday! our staff and volunteers are unbeatable! the shelter we are working with is definitely no where close to being the palace homeless animals deserve. we work hard to place our animals at olhs in fabulous, forever homes. please come to the shelter and walk a dog and hopefully fall in love with your next life-long family member!


    wonderful staff and volunteers!


    not much to work with...


    by: jhines

    I have now been to OLHS a couple times considering I live out of state. I was shocked at the shack that Oxford calls a shelter due to the large amounts of money that go into the city of Oxford. The staff works great with what they have and are not only knowledgeable about the animals but eager and willing to help anyone that walks in their door. I definitely look at shelters and adopting great pets in a whole new light now and will encourage all my friends and relatives to save a life, adopt!


    great staff, work well with what they have


    poor housing,

  • 5. More than appearance

    by: glgibson

    I like going to OLHS to help walk the dogs available for adoption. If i ever have a question regarding my dog, Haley, the staff is eager to help! I would recommend Oxford Lafayette Humane Society to anyone interested in a new animal to join their family.


    knowledgeable and helpful staff, courteous, accommodating



  • 6. Shelter Review

    by: lkhurst

    I have visited this shelter and it touched my heart to see these animals. They all looked like they had a sad story, but many of them still were happy and playful animals. The staff was nice and were very attentive to the animals, even with the amount that they had there. The staff is doing a great job!!! And I wish I could take all of the animals home with me. :(


    Great staff who really care about the animals and want to help


    They have a very small location, need more space and money

  • 7. Wishing Well

    by: Yass2004

    I recently went to this shelter as part of a class assignment. For the life of me I could not reconcile the state of the shelter with that of what I am usually used to when I think of Humane Societies. Although the workers and volunteers were doing their very best, the simple fact is that the facilities they have to work with is not enough. I truly hope that the people of Oxford will join together to support this shelter in their wish to provide a properly equipped facility that would better allow them to care the animals that are constantly being brought in.


    care, effort, volunteers


    facilities, abilities

  • 8. GO OLHS!

    by: justino

    I really liked volunteering at the OLHS and I hope they win a makeover


    I love volunteering here.


    I want them to have a better facility.

  • 9. Beloved OLHS Needs Help

    by: cathyhowe

    My daughter volunteers at the OLHS frequently and brought us to visit when we came down for a football game. I was a bit offset by the appearance of the shelter but once inside I saw that the animals were very well cared for and up to date on shots and grooming etc. The staff loves the animals and would like nothing more than to get a more updated facility for them.


    This is a wonderful establishment with an animal loving staff.


    Needs a Makeover

  • 10. This Shelter Deserves a Makeover

    by: nhowe

    This shelter is in much need of funding and a makeover. The staff does a great job with what they have and the animals are well taken care of; however, the facility is in great need of renovation and rebuilding.


    The staff puts the animals needs first.


    Limited resources

  • 11. Filley H loves OLHS

    by: cfhowe

    I love volunteering at the OLHS! The staff is very nice and the dogs are always excited to be walked. The animals that I have groomed and played with are very dear to my heart and I would love to see this humane society get the makeover that it deserves :)


    The staff cares very deeply about all of the animals.


    We don't have very much funding and are in great need of a makeover :)

  • 12. Need Help!

    by: cbob94

    This shelter needs all the help it can get.


    They love the animals


    Permanently in a temporary place

  • 13. compassionate staff

    by: hbrwhite

    At the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, the rescued animals are more than just strays to the staff here. The animals are cared for and loved in such a way to prepare them for their new forever homes. They are very supportive during the adoption process.


    friendly and very compassionate staff


    facility in desperate need of a makeover

  • 14. Friendly and Helpful

    by: Ayuun

    Everytime I have been to OLHS the staff has been marvelous and helpful. I recommend the shelter to everyone and I value their contribution to the community.


    Great staff



  • 15. A shelter doing good work in extremely difficult conditions

    by: bethryrmg

    I adopted 3 of my current pets from the Oxford-Lafayette shelter and have always had positive experiences in my interactions there. In my most recent experience I was able to submit an adoption application through the shelter's website and to adopt my kittens the next day. The entire process was very efficient. This is a shelter that both needs and deserves support from its community!


    Staff are friendly and helpful and devoted to the animals they serve


    The shelter is old and much smaller than needed for the community

  • 16. The little engine that could

    by: mpranger

    I am amazed at what this shelter is able to do with its limited resources. It is super-visible in the community despite an inconvenient location-- lots of fundraising and awareness raising activities. I know too that there are no shelters in the surrounding counties so they get animals from a 3 or 4 county area. A new facility (hopefully on the way soon!) will mean the world for them.


    Great and tireless staff


    sub-par facility

  • 17. The Best Shelter in the South

    by: punkrawksurfer76

    The Oxford Lafayette Humane Society cares so much about their animals and I know my puppy that I adopted from there was well taken care of before he came home with me.


    They are doing the best they can with what they have


    Not enough space for all of the dropped off animals

  • 18. Good Hearted and Hard Working

    by: KamikazeKayti

    I had a stray puppy dropped off in my front yard, I called several different vets and rescue organazations and they all reccomended Oxford Humane Society. When I dropped the puppy off the people were friendly, there wer a couple cats in the lobby and one beautiful German Shepard behind the counter. EWveryone was busy, but I was helped immediatley. The surrender process was quick, and the staff was helpful and informative. This place is a fantastic shelter and they are working so hard out of a small place. I think they are more than deserving of donations,and praise. It is the only shelter within a reasonable distance of my community as well.


    Friendly Staff, Clean office, Efficient Service


    Much too small

  • 19. First Review

    by: bdlee1

    I volunteer at the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society when I can. I enjoy working with the staff there because they have great attitudes, and I can tell they love the animals. The only problem is the space and lack of proper facilities. This Humane Society desperately needs the community to reach out and help them raise money to build a new facility so that they are able to take utmost care of their animals!


    great staff with a great love for their animals


    there is absolutely no space, poor building conditions

  • 20. Review of Oxford Humane Society

    by: mshannon

    The Oxford Lafayette Humane Society clearly makes the best out of the limited resources they have. The facilities and pets are very clean. The staff are very friendly and helpful to volunteers. What they really need is a larger facility with more modern amenities.


    Very clean, friendly staff


    Not enough space, older facilities

  • 21. We love this place

    by: xjennyannx

    They have a great, kind staff that does what they can to help animals.


    Lots of love for animals


    not enough space

  • 22. Great to deal with

    by: tmullins38

    The staff is great to deal with and they are very concerned about the animals.


    Very concerned about the animals.


    Need a new Shelter

  • 23. Wonderful Shelter!

    by: legodfrey

    I volunteered at the OLHS when I attend Ole Miss a few years ago. Walking the dogs and hanging out with all of the animals was such a welcome and rewarding break from school. I met the A-Team there, a litter of American Bulldog/lab mixes, and my parents adopted our dog Amos from the group. He is now my "little brother" and most definitely the favorite child. I would be thrilled if OLHS won the Makeover Contest!


    friendly staff, wonderful treatment of animals


    need a bigger space!

  • 24. great animals .... over crowded/ underfunded shelter

    by: orionoxford

    I love every one of my animals that comes from this shelter. \n\nUnfortunately it is over crowded and there is an ever present stream of animals coming into it. This is less a reflection of the shelter and more on the community as a whole. \n\nThe animals are great and a few minutes at the shelter will have you wanting to take them all home with you.


    4 of the best dogs I have ever had come from here


    Small facility in need of desperate community help

  • 25. OLHS

    by: dogfan15

    Just moved to Oxford and got a newsletter from the shelter...amazed at how little public funding they get for such a necessary community service. They do a great job.


    great facility


    limited resources

  • 26. Really Need THis

    by: krisnking

    The staff at OLHS does an amazing job with the strain of having far too many animals to keep up with in such a small area. They also have to deal with the influx of dogs that are abandoned by irresponsible college students at the end of the school year. When helping pick out a dog to be an aid/care dog they were amazing. Morgan (formerly prudence) has being doing amazingly well in her training!


    Try to get all animals in good homes


    shelter is too small!

  • 27. One of the best

    by: lauragking

    All three of my pets came from the Oxford Shelter. The board of directors works extremely hard to accomplish their goals, which filters down to the employees as well. They take great care of the animals they receive, and make the difficult decisions with compassion and care for the animals. Adoption policies have been strict in the past (and hopefully remain so). This ensures that potential adopters are committed to their pet and willing to keep them safe, healthy, and happy.


    Committed staff and board of directors, access to excellent veterinary hospitals in Oxford, caring staff


    A pathetic facility built as a "temporary" fix by the city. It is a hazard to the animals as well as the humans who work there. OLHS has been working diligently to build a better facility since I've been around, and one day they will get there!

  • 28. OLHS

    by: baileyace

    Oxford Lafayette Humane Society has a group of very dedicated employees that love what they do. Unfortunately they don't have much, but they do the best with what they've got. I happen to know one such employee. The shelter deserves some better funding and new facilities. It's a worthy cause. Help out!


    Dedicated Staff


    Low Budget

  • 29. Concerned Citizens

    by: XStine

    I have donated items to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society on a number of occasions and the staff have always been friendly and welcoming, even sending someone to my house to pick up a large item I couldn't transport myself. (This may not seem like a big deal, but I've tried to donate items to other non-profits before, and been told that nobody was willing to pick them up!)\n\nEach time I've been at the shelter here have always been people visiting or adopting animals -- another great sign. OLHS is small and I've always felt it could do more if it had the resources. The staff doing an outstanding job with what it has on hand and in the two years I've been here I've seen it growing. I'm proud of our humane society and pleased to be able to support it as much as I can!


    Wonderful, caring staff


    Must make do with limited resources

  • 30. Animal Champions

    by: gdale

    The job that the staff of OLHS does with what they have to work with is amazing. I salute you all.


    the staff


    location, building

  • 31. OLHS Needs a "Permanent" home!

    by: RubyV

    I think the OLHS is has a really great staff who truly care about the animals, and they genuinely try to get them into good safe healthy homes. \n\nI got my Lily (formerly Amanda) from OLHS a few years ago, and cannot thank them enough. \n\nI would love to see all their hard work rewarded when they can finally settle in a nice permanent shelter building rather than an old trailer.


    Great staff!


    Sad "Temporary" home.

  • 32. OLHS great job; needs help!

    by: Suzassippi

    We have adopted 3 dogs from the facility since moving to the area. We also transport and foster for them, and have supported fundraising efforts and made donations. All of our experiences with the shelter have been great and we just wish we could do more.\n\nWe especially love the effort they make to place dogs in homes that will truly love and care for them, and the affection that the shelter dogs get while awaiting a placement.\n\n\n


    Dedicated staff and director


    Overcrowded facility

  • 33. Great adoption service.

    by: SpeakerfortheDead

    This shelter has amazingly friendly staff. If you are ever looking to adopt a pet, look no further than right here. This facility is not very big, but has such dedication to helping animals. I recently adopted a dog from this facility and the process was easy and hassle free. The staff was even kind enough to let me look at the dogs up close and even allow me to do a two week foster care service to see if i wanted to adopt the dog. Like I said, great service.


    Friendly staff.


    Lack of funds.

  • 34. Great people!

    by: vetwife

    This facility has SO much heart behind it, the animals are treated with respect and love. I really wish they had a bigger/better facility, this would help TREMENDOUSLY for the future of this Humane Society. Their work is so important to our community, there's so much more that can be achieved, if only they had more support!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n


    Real community service, excellent and caring volunteers/members



  • 35. Pet Adoptions

    by: jessica38965

    We adopted a cat in 1999. We had no problems with adopting and would go there again. I have had some friends that did not go there because they felt the process was too strict and too slow.


    very careful about who adopts


    sometimes a little too careful

  • 36. OLHS!!!

    by: amassey22

    Great care of all the animals and very active in the community


    friendly staff



  • 37. OLHS Shelter cares for many

    by: olhs

    The Oxford Lafayette Humane Society cares for over 3,500 animals annually. No animal is turned away and is provided shelter and care and all efforts are made to match each animal with the right individual to find a forever home.


    Very Caring Staff


    Very Small Space for very many animals