Owen county humane society

2014 ramona road
Spencer, IN 47460

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. New Manager

    by: NJonas

    We have a new Manager, Kathy Janeway, and she is wonderful. New caring staff. Limited support from the City and County, less than $20,000 a year. Cost to operate shelter over $100,000. Because of this and space we CANNOT accept all animals. We currently have 115 dogs, puppies, cats & kittens. Please spay and/or neuter your pets. Low cost vouchers are available. The shelter is still fairly new in operation. We are in our 5 year. Give us time to make the changes in improve services. Please volunteer and help us foster animals or just stop by and meet the new manager. We need your help in making Owen County Humane Society a credit to the community.


    No-Kill Shelter


    Can't accept every animal/lack of space

  • 2. Adopt from here but beware Very Rude manager

    by: ztT4MP70636522

    A stray dog showed up suddenly on our property and was endangering our livestock, so despite pressing family matters, we captured it and took it to the Owen County Indiana Humane Society and explained the situation in a reasonable manner.\n\nThe staff seemed unable to help us or convey any coherent information.\n\nThe manager refused to accept the dog saying they had no room - despite empty kennels and empty doghouses standing unused, visible from the parking area.\n \nAfter we re-explained our situation to himand waited for him to take the dog, he asked, quote, "Well why did you bring it here?" \n(DUH)- when we said that they were a Humane Society and they were supposed to accept problem animals from around the county \nhe demanded, \ncontinuing in a very rude and confrontational manner, \nwhere did we "get that idea?"\nAt that point we left - pressing family matters being more critical and important than dealing with a surly, inconsiderate, and rude person.\n\nDespite the fact that the shelter gets support from 2 towns, county, and community foundation funds, they don't seem to have any feel of a real shelter.\n\nI would say please adopt animals from them if you can, but don't ever try to save an animal by taking it there.\nUnless it is a desireable designer pure-bred, or you can offer them a lot of bribe money, you will probably get the same unhelpful and rude treatment as we did.


    easy to find


    Rude dishonest manager, unhelpful staff

  • 3. Fairly New Shelter

    by: melissasilvers

    The animal shelter is fairly new. The volunteers and staff are great with the animals. They have made great strides since opening by creating more kennel space. They sincerely could use a makeover so they would have more space.


    no kill


    sometimes gets crowded