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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Terrible Experience

    by: DDebbbie

    I took my two miniature Schnauzers into this vet and had a terrible experience. We went into the examining room and I held the boy dog while the girl assistant took his temperature and I told her that he sometimes gets scared and tries to nip at vets. He doesn’t like most men especially if they have deep voices. I had never met Dr. Overlie before but was sure that he would take a few minutes and greet my dogs so they would feel more comfortable. But he just walked in and didn’t greet them. He is a very big man with a deep voice, so it was scary to them. They had me hold my other dog while the assistant put him on the table. When Dr. Overlie started feeling all over his body my dog got scared and tried to bite and get away. Instead of letting him go, the vet assistant tried to hold him and twisted his collar which choked him. He made strangling sounding yelps. This just made him more scared and he peed and pooped all over and yelped from being choked. I thought she was going to strangle him and was horrified. It all happened so fast, while I am yelling NO NO. She finally dropped him to the floor (which could have hurt him too) and let him go. They handed me a muzzle and I put it on him but I insisted to hold him after that. He did fine with me holding him, but was so scared by then. He didn’t even feel the needle that the vet put in his lump to get a sample to test. My other dog was shaking all over just from witnessing what my boy dog went through. If the vet assistant had given me the soft muzzle to begin with, and let me hold him this would have never happened. The vet also should take a moment to greet the animals, especially if they are scared or temperamental. I had gone in for a check up for both dogs, and realized later that Dr. Overlie didn’t even look at their teeth which need attention. The only good thing that came out of this experience was that my dogs test came back negative and the lump was just fatty tissue. I will never go back to this vet again, and would not recommend him to anyone that has miniature Schnauzers, or that might be fearful or temperamental animals.


    Low prices compared to most vets


    Not sensitive to animals, assistant choked dog

  • 2. Dr. Overlie is special indeed

    by: Ittyboosmom

    A little over a year and a half ago I made a totally unexpected visit to Dr. Overlie's office due to an emergency animal rescue. My children and I had stopped at our town's mall grocery store and while walking across the parking lot I spied a tiny brown furry spot on one of the parking stripes. I am such a softie I couldn't just walk by without seeing what it was and much to my amazement it was a very tiny baby fieldmouse with it's new baby fur coat and it's eyes still shut. Now I know all that is said about wild mice carrying diseases and such, but I could not leave it there to be crushed by the next car that came into the parking lot. I gently picked it up and tucked it into my pocket, not having a clue what to do with it. I thought of Dr. Overlie's offices just down the road on our way home and stopped, not sure what response I would meet. The receptionist was so wonderful and caring and was just amazed at my tiny little orphan. She immediately went in to ask Dr. Overlie what, if anything we could do for our little "Thumblina" (we had named her by that time). She returned with directions in hand, that Dr. Overlie had given her to tell us how to feed Thumbie and care for her. None of us thought she would survive, but with Dr. Overlie's carefully followed directions and some extra TLC, she became a precious dear addition to our family. She drank formula from my palm until she got big enough to use a tiny dish and thrived. I had not given Dr. Overlie and his staff an update for a few weeks after we brought her home, so I cannot tell you what excitement she brought when she stopped by for a visit. Everyone had to see her, Dr. Overlie was quite surprised and pleased she had indeed survived and was so healthy! She was a member of the family for a little over a year and visited Dr. Overlie's clinic a couple of more times, each time being welcomed and fussed over. She peacefully went to that great field in the sky one night in April. I will forever be greatful for Dr. Overlie's very gracious guidance and attention to our little Thumbie. To me, for a man of his position to take the time to help a little wild orphan so small out of the goodnees and kindness in his heart is WAY beyond the call of duty. He is a very very special veterinarian to me. He gave us help to save a little miracle.


    Goes above and beyond the call of duty


    None whatsoever