Osceola Pet Care

5051 Mobile Highway
Pensacola, FL 32506

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  • 1. A Doc that really Cares

    by: justmejewels

    I am about to call Doc Flowers with my latest dilemma and blessing. A little puppy God sent to me just in the nick of time to drive me crazy and keep me sane if that can be understood. Honey Bear is a mixed breed almost 7 week old that came into my life just about the presice moment when I needed a real friend in order to keep holding on waiting for the miracle. A friend of mine Sam his dad and and family have been going to Doc Flowers for years. A few months ago I found a dog in need of being rescued from a bad situation and in need of immediate attention. Sam had me take him to Doc Flowers. I was so happy to meet a doctor that cared so much more about animals then making money. If you are looking for a great Vet who will tell it to you straight and not break the bank then Doc Flowers is your man.


    He is one of the best knows and loves his anmials and tolerates his people