Orphans of the storm animal shelter

2200 riverwoods road
Riverwoods, IL 60015

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Very Business Like

    by: angelwbrokenwings

    This shelter is extremely large and does do extra promotion to get homes for their older dogs. They are a no kill shelter.


    No Kill


    Not as warm as other places

  • 2. Great!

    by: tonia24712

    Great Shelter I would recommend it to everyone. Nice and clean with a friendly staff!


    Great Shelter! Nice and clean!



  • 3. Animals come first

    by: Cameroon

    We got our dog from this shelter several years ago. They encouraged us to introduce propective adoptive pets to our other dog. They allowed us to spend as much time as we wanted to consider the animal. Animals are first with them. \r\nThey separate the large dogs and have a community room for the some to sleep together.


    Animals are first with them


    They could be a little more friendly to people

  • 4. My 2 best dogs came from Here

    by: snowball1

    My 2 best dogs came from here. My fist dog was my 6th birthday present. He was a shy little white thing that was in the corrner of his kennel. I didnt want to look at any other dog. I remeber getting to pick out his leash and collar to take him home with. Well that was 19 years ago. 7 years ago after my fist dog past away I went back to get another dog. Luke was a black dog that when I saw him was outside in a run, and I am not kidding when I saw he almost jump right out of the top when we saw him. We took hime home that day and he was perfect in every way. I would say no matter how far away you are from them you should go and take a look at what this great shelter has to offer.


    They are very easy going, unlike some shelters I have gone to.