Orphaned kanines

1922 kremer avenue
Racine, WI 53402
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Used this shelter twice

    by: cb1268

    I adopted both of my dogs from this shelter. I uderstand it was started by a woman who just loved animals. It is a no-kill shelter (last I knew that is). They seem to really care about the animals there, and were very kind and helpfull to me. I did have to give both dogs really good baths after we got home, and my 2nd, and current dog, needed attention to her pads on her feet. I can only assume this was from the kennel. She healed quickly, and is a wonderful dog. I agree this shelter could use the makeover. They are small, and probably could use more help. I have since moved away from Racine, but wish them the best.


    I was able to adopt very good pets


    Both dogs needed a good bath when they got home

  • 2. sad

    by: calical6905

    thats sad about the last review. mabye this shelter needs the makeover