Orphan acres inc.

1183 rothfork road
Viola, ID 83872

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  • 1. selfless love

    by: Sroeter

    The people at Orphan Acres are wonderful and put their whole hearts into providing a home or finding homes for horses that in need of love. He has horses of all different backgrounds, even a movie star! I love helping out here and hope to someday be able to adopt a horse for myself :). Four hooves up for Orphan Acres!


    This shelter gives the best it can to the horses


    The mud in the spring is overwhelming and hard to prevent

  • 2. Volunteers make all the difference!

    by: dreamwvr1414

    My daughter started volunteering there while attending WSU and it is through her that I found out about Orphan Acres. The compassionate staff and volunteers leave you with a wonderful sense of all that goes on there.


    wonderful caring staff


    lack of some resources

  • 3. Truly Inspiring but in need of help

    by: robin178

    This is just a great place with a great message and I really hope that we can get them the help they deserve.


    A place where horses can be loved


    Shelter needs a lot of help

  • 4. Place for horse lovers

    by: janae114

    I went to Orphan Acres for the first time today as a volunteer, and I definitely plan on returning. The place is amazing. Only one guy is taking care of about 40 horses, but they all seem happy and well taken care of. Volunteers are very important as there is a lot of work to be done, and the fact that the place looks great and the animals clean, a lot of volunteers must come there. This means that this is a well-loved place. Most of the horse are loving and healthy, despite abusive backgrounds for some, and most are adoptable. The man who runs the place single-handily really cares for the animals, and this is a great place for horses to go to to get a second chance.


    animals well taken care of, staff great


    can't think of any

  • 5. Awsome

    by: rodeorick

    Brent is an awsome person doing a hard job with a smile. Orphan Acres is the kind of place that makes you want to volenteer because you want to be a part of an operation like that. Keep up the great job and I am sure it will grow.


    dedicated people


    does not have makeover yet

  • 6. What an incredible place!!

    by: Angelbears

    I have had an opportunity to witness first hand the willingness to help any animal. This shelter truly is about rehabilitating animals and whenever possible releasing them or adopting them out. I have never seen a more able or caring shelter. The fact that it is run by one man with only volunteer help is amazing. This shelter deserves the makeover. *****stars!


    This shelter is dedicated to the health, well being, and rehabilitation of any animal not just horses.


    The shelter could definately use more help.

  • 7. Orphan Acres is a wonderful place!

    by: Janelleb

    I greatly enjoy going out to Orphan Acres to lend a helping hand and work with the horses. Working out there has a calming effect on me and puts me in a good mood. Brent is doing an awesome job and has a very loving heart. Each horse is treated with kindness and respect and Brent does everything he can to keep the horses, and other animals, happy and healthy.


    Horses in need have a wonderful and loving place to go.



  • 8. Awesome!

    by: vixgrrrl

    Awesome help for horses. As a Veterinary Assistant I'd love to volunteer and maybe adopt a horse.


    local to my area


    need to add an adoption page

  • 9. Great Place for Horses

    by: mustlovelabs

    Orphaned acres is a wonderful rescue for horses. Brent cares a lot for all 66 horse currently residing, giving them the love and attention that they deserve. Without Orphaned acres these horses wouldnt have anywhere to go. This is one of the greatest rescues I have ever seen and participated in.


    Knowledgeable staff and very kind hearted


    no cons

  • 10. Orphan Acres is the best horse rescue!

    by: Kitkat12

    I volunteered at Orphan Acres just this weekend and I knew that it was something special. I really admire all the hard work that Brent has put into to make sure these horses live a happy fulfilled life. I really hope that Orphan Acres wins the makeover because they really need the help and extra space for all 66 horses they have currently.


    Brent and all his workers are very nice and warm hearted


    The barns and everything needs a lot of work, everything is so old and worn out.

  • 11. Amazing Place

    by: annez

    Orphan Acres is an incredible place. It is a home to all horse that are retired and have no where else to go. I enjoy going and interacting with the four blind horses that are there: Abby, George, Babies, & (oh gosh I can't remember the other one). They love it when my mom & I come and give them carrots. It's an amazing place to go and visit and volunteer.


    Helps retired and unwanted horses from anywhere.


    Not enough staff, but lots of volunteers!

  • 12. Best horse / animal rescue for the funding and manpower!

    by: Markbob

    The president Brent Glover has run this shelter for several decades in faltering health and on marginal funding. So far he has not given up...even when things look hopeless. He is a man driven by his love for animals.\n May God bless his soul...and his finances. I have never met anyone like him! I believe he should get top ranking for spirit and determination alone. This world needs millions more like him!\n Mark Rieser


    The best in the West. Full of heart and soul. Need money!


    Lacking money...nothing else! Visit their site!

  • 13. Orphan Acres- Viola

    by: Andlardia

    I volunteered for a bit at orphan acres with my best friend. We were amazed by Brent's devotion to his horses and other rescues, including his baby deer that we got to meet. I even got to help birth a horse! I love orphan acres and I believe it's greatly important to support them.


    friendly, devoted crew


    too small for all their horses

  • 14. They need the milion dollar make over

    by: cowboy102

    I have been going out to help Brent with the chores. And i enjoy doing that ,and ive learned alot doing that. Brents Saintchuary has alot to offer horses. He could use a new barn and a new trackter. We have been working on the tracktor for 3 days. I would love to go out and work with Brent fulltime but there isnt enough funds to pay someone there. So i have to figure something else out. I want to learn how he does things more so i can be a better help. I dont really know what else to say , exsept i really enjoy myself there. There is plenty of work to do there its not like im bord there and i like to work. He has horses for adoption there and they are some good ones. I would like to adopt about four of them but i cant aford them right now . So when the time comes I know where to go.


    They stand for a good caouse


    They need more volinteers

  • 15. This is the BEST

    by: mattiesmomma

    Orphan Acres is the best rescue I have ever seen. I can't imagine a rescue more deserving than this. One man runs it completely on donations and volunteer work. They give a home to horses who really need some love.





  • 16. Great Place

    by: debralewis

    This is a caring and loving place for needy horses. Brent is very dedicated to the well being of all the horses and could sure use some more help.


    caring for unwanted horses


    need more land for the horses

  • 17. Lots of Love

    by: equerry

    Orphan Acres and all its residents fulfill my need to be with horses but it is not the only reason I volunteer there. No matter the breed, sex, age, or past...OA horses respond to loving-kindness, attention, and individual care. Some take a longer time and require more patience than others but the rewards are worth the effort. Brent Glover, the owner/manager is committed and caring but there is only so much he can do by himself everyday, which is why he is so appreciative of any help that comes his way whether physical or financial. There is so much to do and not enough hours in a day to do it all. When I go out there, I lose track of time and before I know it the sun is going down!!! A MAJOR MAKEOVER would be a blessed miracle and provide so many more animals (including the current residents) a safe, healthy, loving place they can call HOME! Take a peek at the website and see if there is something you can do to help...it will do you a world of good, I promise.


    Loving Care and Kindess


    Needs a major makeover

  • 18. Amazing Place

    by: Jessjo808

    One man runs the entire place. He is unbelievable. There are so many horses he has no time for anything else in his like except to keep them alive. The barns are old and things are falling apart because there is not enough finances for these things. This place really needs the million dollar make over. Badly.


    Horses are the priority.


    The whole place is falling apart.

  • 19. Orphan Acres is the BOMB!

    by: monicaismyhero

    This is the best shelter I have ever heard of. It is kind to the animals, when no one else would be. That is incredible to me.





  • 20. I Love OA!

    by: monicaward123

    I cannot think of a better home for these horses. Orphan Acres is run by one man, who relies on the volunteer efforts of people who love horses. It is definitely the place I would want to go if I were a horse in need. Each horse is given the love and attention it deserves, and the people who adopt the horses are able to get to know several incredible animals. This place is close to my heart.


    Very kind and good to the horses


    It needs our volunteer help!!!

  • 21. Orphan Acres, a haven for horses and the humans who love them.

    by: sparkletiff

    Over the years, I have been to a fair number of shelters, both animal and human. My visit to Orphan Acres was the most unique, heart-warming of them all. It is located in the middle of nowhere, Idaho, and from the entrance it appears shabby, a little run-down, and cluttered.\n\nBut then I met Brent, who I had spoken with on the phone a number of times. And he started to show me around the property. Brent is an amazing individual, who has single-handedly held Orphan Acres together for over 30 years. His love for these abandoned, mistreated horses is inspiring and humbling.\n\nMany of the students I work with at WSU make the trek to Viola on a weekly basis and volunteer hundreds of hours at Orphan Acres. They go, not because they have to, but because they love to. And they realize that Brent can't do it alone.\n\nOf all the places I have been, I can't think of a more deserving shelter than Orphan Acres for a little extra TLC and a Zootoo makeover.


    Brent is an amazing, caring man.


    Place is in need of a little extra TLC.

  • 22. Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

    by: tipanthany

    It takes a big heart to bring such large animals into your home and an even bigger one to give them up and place them in a new home once you've put so much time into the animal. Keep up the good work everyone!


    Loving Staff



  • 23. OA deserves everything we've got

    by: PaigeBU

    Orphan Acres is one of my favorite places in the world and takes care of so many horses that would not be so lucky if it weren't around. Brent is amazing and gives everything he has to help these animals. They deserve our help too. The cost of everything is going up, especially hay and the place lives on donations so please help them out with points on zootoo, donations or PLEASE if you can and are in the market for one adopt a horse. Finding them homes is the best way to relieve the burden.


    Amazing Place and Brent loves the animals and does everything possible to help them, there should be more people like him


    definetly needs a makeover

  • 24. Best horse rescue ever!

    by: Wrangler18

    This place is full of horse lovers. I loved it when I came out. I think this place should win the shelter makeover! The horses are loved here and are not left wanting.


    The volunteers and staff


    needs a makeover

  • 25. An Amazing Place

    by: horseymama08

    I absolutely love orphan acres. I've gone out in knee deep snow just to walk horses, shovel out the barn, and love on Jenkins (RIP). Brent has a wealth of knowledge about horses and taught me many things in my time spent out on his property. Brent would do anything for his horses and he has, he's made so many sacrifices so that these horses can have the food and shelter they need.


    horses are well taken care of, have lots of room and are very well loved


    the location needs updating... lets help them get it

  • 26. In the presence of angels

    by: SoxForHorses

    This is a one man operation folks. Can you imagine dedicating 33 years to any thing in your life? He has dedicated his to rescuing horses and now needs help to do the job he has chosen. Giving is contagious. Spread the word. This one is a great and worthy cause. Thanks Brent. We will do all we can to help you. Sox For Horses, the home of Whinny Warmers.


    Dedication to the well being of abused and abandoned horses


    Needs help and money

  • 27. Great Job Brent

    by: alanwrench78

    I love going out and helping at orphan acres. Brent does everything he can to take great care of the animals at orphan acres. I hope they win this competition as he needs the help. Thanks


    Brent does a great job, excellent volunteers


    Needs structural improvements to the facility

  • 28. a lot of heart

    by: ddrader

    Roots & Shoots Club has volunteered with Orphan Acres before and we are always touched by the good work and love that we see. Times are tough though and horses need a lot of care. They could really use a makeover!


    dedicated staff


    limited funding

  • 29. Orphan Acres is amazing

    by: scooter3131

    Orphan Acres is an amazing place. I volunteer there every week in order to help out the 65 horses that live there, and the one owner who cares for them as much as possible. Brent, the owner, is the most dedicated man I know.


    The care, the location, the owner


    a bit rundown

  • 30. Wonder Acres!

    by: bronzepony444

    Brent continues to amaze me with his hard work and dedication. I'm just worried that funds are running too low and the work load too much for this one man. I am truly greatful that a place like this exists for unwanted and abused horse whos only other option was death. Thank you Brent Glover!


    Many volunteer opprotunities


    Not enough volunteers

  • 31. Thanks a Million

    by: Ferr

    This is a wonderful complex and I am proud to be associated with it. I help with Large animal rescue in a neighboring county and have seen the absolute worst that can happen to our equine friends. Finding homes for these often abused loving animals is so difficult and heartbreaking. Its so heart warming to know there is a second heaven for the Horses so many of us love. I encourage everyone I know and meet to help when and how they can to help shelter these magnificiant beasts. These shelters can always use a hand in mucking out stalls, donations of hay and grains, or just going out and giving the animals a well deserved pat on the neck.\r\nThanks Brent, Rick and all the others that are involved in Orphan Acres. There is a special place in heaven for you.\r\nLove, Hugs and Best wishes.\r\nJoyce


    caring people and lots of love


    needs a little TLC from lots of volunteers

  • 32. My favorite place

    by: Jennsm82

    I love Orphan Acres so much. The whole place is so full of love and dedication, despite its run down-ness. The horses are unbelievably well socialized, and they all get along really well. Brent knows everything about every horse out there, and he has formed a special bond with each and every one of them. It is really run down, and the house is really messy, because there is just not enough man power to deal with the sheer amount of horses and the work involved with them.


    It is amazing there. The horses are very well cared for and loved so much. Brent knows each of them by name, and he knows their whole history.


    It is very messy, and pretty run down because there are 65 horses and only one man to take care of them all.