Oregon friends of shelter animals (ofosa)

Po box 1425
Hillsboro, OR 97007

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  • 1. OFOSA is dishonest

    by: lovemypet33

    The OFOSA continually adopts out animals that are severely sick. Puppies with parvo, kittens with FIV. Countless animals have died after being in their new homes for less then 2 days. Because they know they have not been forthright they have agreed to pay some veterinary clinic bills for adopted parents. However, beware they say they will pay but when it comes time to get the payment they lie and say they never offered to pay. Even after multiple people heard them promise they would pay. They are hiding something in their dingy dirty house. The workers are mean, and have no communication skills. They just sit around eating and have treated myself and boyfriend very poorly. We are very attached to our puppy even though we have only had him a few days before he was diagnosed with parvo. Now there is a good chance he will not make it. The OFOSA said they offered to take the puppy back and trade us for a new one. Who dose that? People who do not believe in the human animal bond. We fell in love with our puppy when we first saw him they talk about him like he is a piece of dinged up furniture to replace. It is my mission to make sure the truth about this company is told to everyone. If you want to adopt a sick dog that will suffer and die and break your heart then adopt from the OFOSA.




    They lie about the health of their animals