Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center

3507 Orchard Park Rd
Orchard Park, NY 14127
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User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Great 24 hr vet

    by: krolls82

    I use another clinic as our primary vet but during the after hours we are guided to orchard park veterinary medical center for any emergencies. Our most recent trip reminded us how appreciative we are of their services. Our two beagles decided to get into and eat a whole bag of dark chocolate. It was a scary situation but after getting them to OP vet medical center we were put at ease knowing that everything possible was being done to help our boys. The staff was so nice and patient even during our night time calls to check up on them which made the situation a bit easier. I love the fact that during those emergency situations there is such a great place to take your loved ones. It is a bit expensive but during those situations you are more worried about the animal then the money although it would help if it was cheaper.


    24 hr vet, specializes in emergency cases



  • 2. The Very Best!

    by: stady5

    The doctors and staff are wonderful. Annabelle was there on a Sunday, Father's Day, with a serious leg injury. We had been sent by our local vet because as wonderful as our service is, there wasn't enough available staff for the surgery that Annie needed and they quickly recommended that we go to Orchard Park. Under very trying circumstances, I was comfortable with leaving Annie in their care. All was well in the end and we are forever greytful! (That's not a typo; Annie is a greyhound).


    Very caring and concerned for the fur friend and the humans owned by the fur friend.


    Absolutely nothing

  • 3. Good caregivers

    by: mayzee730

    They have always been terrific for my pets. Always knowledgeable and caring.


    Very helpful


    location, cost

  • 4. Excellent Verterinary Service

    by: bbschu

    I have used this clinic for over 20 years. I do like some vets more than others, but this is a personnal preference. It has excellent care, but be ready to pay for it.


    Excellent Service including Triage



  • 5. Clinic Review

    by: DarleneConnelly

    They gave wonderful specialized care, but it was expensive.


    Great care



  • 6. Excellent care !

    by: bjbean

    This is a great veterinary office. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable and the care offered is fantastic. I have taken many animals to this facility, particularly for difficult diagnoses. They have so many services on-site (x-rays, ultrasound, etc.)


    Excellent veterinarians; Available 24 hrs/day



  • 7. great clinic

    by: czekel

    Orchard Park is great. I can count on them 24/7. The specialist there, DR. Brummer and Dr. Gallivan are wonderful and committed to their specialties. I know my pets are in good hands if and when I need them.


    the best of the best


    you pay for their knowledge!

  • 8. great emergency treatment

    by: berniem

    we've had to take our cats here 3 times, once on christmas day, during the middle of the night and after our vet closed and our cat was limping. all 3 times they told us to come right in and we were waited on within 30 min or less. the vets are very knowlegable and helpful. if we can't get a new vet i am considering going there permenantly, just trying to get something closer to home. highly recommend them.


    open 24 hours, nice staff


    busy waiting room with dogs also in area, no seperate area for cats

  • 9. Orchard Park Vet clinic

    by: greytgreys2

    We have been taking our pets there for years. A special thanks to Dr. Ross for helping Emily, it has been 1 year since she was diagnosied with kidney disease and she is still going strong! I highly recommend this vet.


    knowledgeable staff, open 24 hours 7 days a week


    prices are a little higher than some small local vets

  • 10. Had no real answers but a real big price tag!

    by: mvmortellaro

    I was greatly displeased with the service I received when my cat fell ill. They could not tell me what was wrong with him. They sent me home with no answers, no suggestions, and no pain medication. The bill was over $120.00...for nothing! I took him to my usual vet. when they opened on Monday, and found that he had a bad case of worms. He was back to normal within a few days. The bill from my usual vet was $60.00 including the medication. Next emergency I will drive a million miles if I have to!


    Only place open in an emergency.


    Crazy expensive and no answers.

  • 11. State of the art technology; friendly service!

    by: Schechter1

    Have been a client for over 15 years. They have helped us out with every sort of pet issue. Soon will be moving into a beautiful new facility. Particularly like Drs. Brummer and Dr. Amioka.


    Open 24/7; smart doctors


    Can be pricey (but aren't our pets worth it)?

  • 12. Orchard Park Vet. Hospital very expensive

    by: kburke

    I had a dire emergency & had to go to this hospital with my cat over a weekend. I had better medical advise & explainations from an assistant. They just expect you to have hundreds on dollars just like that, are way over priced compared to my regular guys & try to push a vetrinary credit card to pay the bill. Basically you feel horrible that you can't afford their top notch bill. Then they go out in the hall & act like they are working up a new bill (it was clearly standard practice). They gave my cat meds before I could approve it. I found out that all their procedures couldn't guarantee him to get better & only bought him a few days before I had to go back to my own place. I could have afforded my regualr place & had an operation that could have saved his life. I would avoid this hospital if you can. Problem is they are the only place open on weekends.


    always open


    very expensive, don't explain well