Orchard park veterinarian medical center

3507 orchard park road
Orchard park, NY 14127

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. really good vet

    by: JaymeRose

    we just had an emergency situation with our cat (or so we thought).....we had never been there before and they treated us and our cat as we had been going there for years...the vets that helped us were very nice and helpful....they are always available...the only problem is that it is a little on the pricey side..but worth it !!


    always available...very clean,...great vets


    a little pricey

  • 2. very caring

    by: jwade

    I had problems with my cat having soft stool for the first yr or 2 of her life and I was always calling and they were very helpful and patient. When I had to make the terribly hard decision to put my family dog to sleep (the pet I had as a child) the vet was very caring and supportive and even sent a very thoughtful hand written note after the fact expressing her sympathy.\r\nUnfortunately when we moved the location was too far for us to continue going there.




    location (personal)

  • 3. It's Okay

    by: Alynn716

    You need to take out a loan to take your animal to this place. I brought my dog there and they sent me elsewhere to fix her problem, but they still conveniently charged me almost $800. They are unbelievable!!!


    24 hour service


    EXTREMELY over priced

  • 4. OPVMC is the BEST local vet

    by: JMWilder20

    OPVMC has helped me with 4 dog emergencies with 3 different dogs. All 4 incidents (of course) never happened between regular busioness hours. 3 required emergency care, xrays, blood test and exams. I was helped immediately, professionally and compassionately. \r\n\r\nMost recently, I had my mother's brand new puppy. She got into a plant I didn't realize was within reach. I knew it was poisionous but how bad could a leaf and a half be? I immediately called OPVMC at 10pm on a Saturday and was connected with a vet tech that consulted with a Vet. They helped me, via phone, administer hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting and gave furtehr instructions. They waited for a update and gave furtehr instructions over the phone. Without their help, the puppy probably would have died. I did not realize how serious ingestion of a philadenron could be and since got rid of all of my plants. It just isn't worth such a risk. \r\n\r\nI highly recommend OPVMC to anyone looking for vet care. They are by far the BEST around! They are slighly more expensive, I have heard , and have been told that is because of the 24 hour care, but anyone who owns a pet knows things don't happen Monday through Friday, 9-5. It is so worth it to have someone you can call 24-7.\r\n\r\nI have taken my two pups there for all their checkups, vaccines, t be micro-chipped, have their nails clipped, for urine, blood and fecal tests and for emergency visits. \r\n\r\nMy favorite vet is Dr. Mari Amioka, but I have seen several and they are ALL AWESOME!!!


    24 hour emergency care, knowledgable staff, moving to NEW building


    SLGIHTLY more expensive than regular vets because of the 24 hour care; about 30 minutes away from me BUT so worth it!

  • 5. The BEST in the area!!

    by: hyjinxannie

    OPVMC is super!! Tops in ortho care. Has state of the art building & equipment. The staff is professional, yet warm amd helpful too. I highly recommend this clinic for complicated problems/diagnosis. It's way too expensive for general care like vaccs & such.


    can solve all your needs



  • 6. Very established Vet service

    by: Sallie1961

    Used to use this clinic when I lived in O.P. with my very first Golden, Erine. The staff and vets where terrific and I would use them again if I where to move back.


    Been there for a very long time


    Haven't used in years

  • 7. Excllent hospital and regular care

    by: akuryak

    I've been going here for about 10 years now. The staff is wonderful and very caring. My husband and I noted that this hospital is cleaner than most hospitals for humans and you are treated better too. When one of my cats had a minor illness I was pleasantly surprised when the doctor who cared for him called later that evening to see how Stanley was doing and if I had any questions. I would highly recommend OP to anyone for their pet care needs.


    knowledgable staff, extremely clean, everyone very friendly