Orange county animal care services

561 the city drive
South orange, CA 92868
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  • 1. Better than it used to be

    by: norrie43

    I first went to this shelter in the early 60's, it has changed but not much for over 40 + years. The parking is worse, especially for seniors or physically handicapped people seeking a new pet or a lost one. The staff is not a friendly, happy group, much the same atmosphere as a DMV office on a busy friday near closing. One docile female Sheltie/Aussie mix dog I adopted there after visiting 4 times but only through the chain link fence and gate, turned out to be a hyper male. Hyper the minute we got to my car and when we got home, there was a message on the phone stating they realized SHE was HE but forgot to let me know. Well once home, I couldn't return him, that would have been cruel. I think the staff are doing the best they can with what they have but am sure if the OC big wigs had to spend a few days and nights there, then some changes would be made.


    Has a -getting to know you area-


    Many pets are in open air cages with little hiding area to rest or stay out of the rain, cold, high winds or heat