Onslow county animal control shelter

224 georgetown road
Jacksonville, NC 28540
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Shelter needs to move into this century!

    by: tonya1hotmama

    This place needs to move into this century! With their high fees they do not vet their animals... Probably because the animals are killed so quick! Everyone in Onslow county needs to work together to demand new procedures! They could hire a vet on staff and get rid of some of the rude people that work there to pay for it. Then they could test the animals for heartworms and other issues and give them the shots they need. They could also be spayed and neutered right then instead of leaving it up to the people that adopt them... If you listen to them, people are the devil and irresponsible but lets call a spade a spade... Yeah people are but they are no better by letting the animals back out the exact same way they came in. How is that helping the situation?




    Kill Shelter, Over population, high adoption fees, no vet service

  • 2. This shelter needs help!

    by: patriciacha

    I hate thinking about this shelter knowing how many animals they put to sleep. They need a lot of help thats for sure. Wish i was a millionaire.


    Easy to adopt


    They put too many animals to sleep

  • 3. I cried!!

    by: kmontecino

    I'm not talking negatively about anyone but if the majority of the people working with the animals at the shelter are ordered/forced to be there is this really in the best interest of the animals?\r\n You were able to walk down a hallway with glass windows to view some dogs but since the cages are stacked in rows you really couldn't see anything past the first row. Next they have you go to thier computer and look at photos and descriptions of all the animals in the shelter, choose one or more you would like to interact with, bring it outside into this fenced off gravel "play area" and spend a few minutes trying to get the animal. It was depressing due to the sad and gloomy overall "feel" of the shelter. I left in tears..


    The employees/ volunteers were very friendly to customers and pets.


    I was unhable to offer my services volunteering due to the overflow of people that were court ordered to be there.