Olympic peninsula humane society

2105 west highway 101
Port angeles, WA 98363
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User Reviews (15)

  • 1. Great Staff / Poor facility

    by: dholth

    This is a very old facility without the out-door runs that dogs need and just too small of an area for the cats. The staff are very knowledgeable and caring and do take very good care of the animals and keep it as clean as possible for such an old place. The facility relies on the support of the community to help provide food, blankets and cleaning supplies. It is a great place for youth groups to do service projects.


    caring, knowledgeable staff


    too small, old to care for the animals properly

  • 2. A Great Shelter

    by: COLORSoftherainbow

    This shelter has been a big part of chosing animals, in my friends, and I's lives. though I have never actually bought an animal from this shelter, my friends have and all of their pets are some of the nicest i've ever met, probably even more friendly then some of my own pets. I would DEFINETLY recommend the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society to everyone, in the Sequim/Port Angeles area.


    Friendly Staff


    Needs A fix up

  • 3. Shelter

    by: shnauzerowner

    This shelter is great they do everything they can for the pets but it is so small and needs more things and space. it definetly needs a makeover


    the people there are so great


    it needs a new and bigger building

  • 4. Hard Workers

    by: luckyluke

    These people give their hearts to this work and should be commended for it. With constant threat of closure and cutbacks they continue their work.


    Hard Workers


    Small old facility

  • 5. OPHS Positive Despite Stressful Economy

    by: gregmadsen

    As a long time cat-owner, I was very impressed with the professionalism and sensitivity of the staff at OPHS. Joblessness and the economy are putting extreme strains on the staff and facility. However, they maintain a positive environment and are very supportive to first-time and experienced pet owners. Their paperwork was clear and informative and I was impressed that they implanted a chip in my adoptee before he was out the door.


    Very discerning staff overseeing cat adoption


    They need more room!

  • 6. Hearts in the right place

    by: looking

    I have started looking for a dog, and my first choice would be to adopt from the local shelter. I've been there twice, and check their website regularly through Petfinders.com. I was shocked at the conditions at this shelter. I've seen a few other shelters in the past, and they had more room for more animals, and an indoor room to visit with animals before adoption. Here, in Pt. Angeles, the only place to visit is outdoors, with the dog at the end of a leash, or in an outdoor play yard. Not very inviting, especially in the rain. Also, most of the dogs are medium to large sized, so when they get a small dog, the poor thing is scared around the big dogs, so they try to keep it in the office. THEY NEED A MAKEOVER!!


    Executive director & staff obviously care about the animals


    Very small, outdated, desperately needs a makeover

  • 7. Totally committed staff and management

    by: directorswife

    When my husband became the Executive Director a little over a year ago, the first thing we noticed about the shelter was the smell and mess. A perfect challenge for Scott, and he really rose to the occasion! In one short year, the transformation has been fantastic. The place is clean, both visually and scent-wise, and the staff do their tasks happily and professionally. He has a Board of Directors comprised of real animal lovers who are a genuine asset instead of a hindrance as is so often the case.\n\nScott is a true team-builder and never asks a staff member to do anything he isn't willing to do himself. What many in the community don't know is that his level of commitment is a direct reflection of his true calling in life. When we moved here we decided that this will be our permanent home, no more moves. We love Port Angeles and will NEVER leave.\n\n Scott left a lucrative position in accounting several years ago and took a pay cut to do this work because he felt the need so strongly. It shows! This is the second such shelter he has "turned around". He does this not by mandating, but by making his employees feel valued, letting them know that their ideas are important, which they are. His dedicated staff often initiate tasks, such as painting and gardening, without being asked, and even work on their own time to do this because they are taking pride in their ability to care for these defenseless creatures. A clean, cheerful, shelter is much more likely to appeal to potential adopters than a dingy dungeon that smells like a landfill.\n\nThe other aspect very few know about Scott is that he is a voracious reader, and extremely well versed in all aspects of animal husbandry. He self-taught himself veterinary homeopathy and can be found scanning the "net" pretty much nightly for current trends and information.\n\nHis leadership skills are stellar, and he brings his past accounting jobs into the picture by efficient financial analysis and cost-control. While many such directors work a 40 hour a week job in a nice office, his approach is hands-on and he usually works 60+ hours each week. Even when he isn't actually at the shelter or off-site event, his phone is on 24/7 and it is extremely rare that he doesn't handle at least one work-related call in a given day off. I can't begin to count the number of times he has gotten up at all hours of the night to assist the law enforcement community in a crisis when they call.\n\nFor those of you fortunate enough to live in Clallam County, you will now be able to see Scott and his band of associates/volunteers, around the area in the newly-acquired adoption trailer which was provided by one very generous donor. This enables the shelter to "come to you" and make it even easier to adopt. It will also facilitate micro-chip, licensing, and other events.\n\nToday is Christmas Eve, and he is out in the community even as I write this, handing out donated pet food to those who have fallen on hard times and are having a tough time feeding their "furkids".\n\nScott Chandler is a real Advocate for the Animals, please help us win this makeover!


    Highly dedicated people who truly love their work


    Building in serious need of renovations, inconvenient location

  • 8. Great Staff

    by: kkstubbs13

    I hate having to put pets up for adoptions but the people here made the transition quick and easy. They are in a really old building that is small and has very little place outside for the dogs to run around.


    Very nice staff


    Old, Small

  • 9. Support our local humane society!

    by: rosaritah

    I have been going to the Clallam County Humane Society for years to adopt. I am so glad our town has this resource available, I know many can be critical but I don't think they realize their are many counties and towns that have no animal control, no resources. I wish the building was in better condition but I think they work with what they have. Overcrowding is probably a huge issue for them. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a forever friend to go and check it out, see what wonderful friends are looking for their forever homes!


    Wonderful local resource, caring staff and volunteers


    too small for needs, dreary, older building.

  • 10. Shining through the darkness

    by: Amyrex1902

    This place is a gem hiding in an ugly rock. The people that work at our humane society are heros! They work in deplorable conditions and deal with the difficulties of lack of funding on a daily basis. The animals are well taken care of, but truly need a better environment to be sheltered while they are awaiting a new home. I really hope we win the makeover, we could use it!


    Very dedicated Staff


    very outdated building and not enough resources

  • 11. Thanks CCHS for helping me find my forever dog!

    by: SockChewer

    Thanks for doing your best, we found our forever dog through CCHS. Needs more space!!


    trails to walk the dogs


    not enough space, not enough adoptables but full

  • 12. Clallam county needs our help

    by: PickAdOOdLe

    Fine, the animals are taken care of as well as they can, and I'm sure the staff and volunteers care very much. They need a bigger place b/c they are always full and most of the animals there need more space. They don't have the money to hire enough staff to keep the place as clean as it should be, and there are cracks in the concrete floor and walls that need to be redone to keep it clean.


    Found a great dog


    Too many animals get put down due to overcrowding:(

  • 13. Facility badly needs updating

    by: shampel

    Clallam County is a large rural area, and the Humane Society is unable to keep up with the demand for care of unwanted, sick and injured animals. We really need to expand the facilities and services offered, but lack of money and professional staff hinders this. Education and financial help with neuter/spay programs are also greatly needed. The local vets do what they can, but the demand is too great.


    Staff tries hard and cares


    Old, very small for needs and outdated facility

  • 14. Great People to Work with

    by: WadeLeinaar

    The Greatest of people to work with.


    Great People


    Needs Space

  • 15. cchs rocks!

    by: shirerescue

    I love these people. We are a brand new rescue (infant stages) and we also foster for them. They are so very concerned with the welfare of animals. They are under so m any constraints. They need donations....land and love. We as Shire Rescue want to develope a solid relationship with this organization and want to help all animals....they rock!


    These people put their hearts into animals


    too much work...they need help