Olgebay Park

Route 88 North
Wheeling, WV 26003

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Beautiful setting to play

    by: marcusswifty

    This is a great place to exercise your dog and yourself! It's a beautiful park, although it is a little remote. You must really want to go there to make the trip worthwhile. Be careful about your dog running off after the wildlife!


    Large area


    Lots of hills

  • 2. I need to go here with my dogs

    by: GusSexauer

    We have been to Oglebay Park but never with the dogs so I'm glad to see that they are pet friendly and maybe this summer we will go and check it out


    It is a beautiful place just never thought about taking my dogs


    none that I know of I need to take the dogs and see

  • 3. Very Dog Friendly Place

    by: auntadaira

    We take our dogs fishing at Olgebay Park a lot. They are very dog friendly there and you see people walking their dogs along the lake all the time. It is a great place to explore and sniff. Very enjoyable.