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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Puppy Love

    by: starkvillerebel

    I adopted my dog, Dante, from OCHS about two and a half years ago. She has been the perfect pet!!! No one could really answer questions about the puppy, but she had only been at the shelter for one day so that was very understandable. She had not had any health problems and has not had any socialization problems. She is the apple of my eye, and I am so proud to be her "mommy." Thank you OCHS for giving me the opportunity to adopt and love this precious animal!


    lots of choices for pets


    staff seemed hands-off

  • 2. what I know & what I see....

    by: Mkskelton88

    I been working here for almost year. I seen so many cat's and dog's come and go. So many happy new mommy's and daddy's get sweet and lovable pets (kids). It a good day to see a puppy or kitten get a home that we have tried so hard to get healthy for adoption. We cannot be 100% right on the age or breed. It is hard to look at a young cat and say it is 5-9 months old. It also hard to look at a puppy and age it. We try to get close to it. I have adopted a cat from here myself. He is nothing but a lovable mess. I have been told by many customers that we have a nice and very clean shelter. We try our heart out to make sure the animals are healthy and to see they get great homes. We greet our customers and prospective adopters at the door with, "Hey! How can we help you today?" Ask us questions and we will answer as best we can and, if we are not sure we go and find out for you.


    There is alot of socialization at this shelter, animals are allowed play time. I would say our shelter stays pretty clean. We have a polite staff. We have alot of different types of cats and dogs to choose from. Our animals are given meds if needed be and we go out of our way sometimes to help these animals and customers.


    I would have to say that i think the shelter could be bigger

  • 3. Problems

    by: kt150

    A week ago I adopted a kitten from OCHS. They told me he was at least 6 weeks old (his papers claimed this) because he was eating hard food and using the litter box. He was very tiny, but I assumed it was because he was so skinny. He seemed to eat, drink, and poop fine. He slept a lot and did not play much, but I thought this was normal kitten behavior. Yesterday morning I woke up to find him dying. The animal hospital I took him to said he was maybe just right at 5 weeks if that (which means he was about 4 weeks old when OCHS gave him to me!) The hospital said he must have been malnourished when I got him and just couldn't make up for that. I got to take him home and he seemed fine, but hours later he started having severe diarrhea. I had to force feed him soft food, nutri-cal, and use an eye dropper to get water in him. We kept him on a heating pad to keep him warm, but he didn't make it. This morning around 4AM, he passed away. It was an awful, agonizing death. My point in sharing all this? Maybe my kitten was just doomed to die from the beginning, but I am very upset that OCHS sold me a kitten that was WAY too young and were not honest about his age. There were things he needed that he was not getting because of this. He should have been getting milk supplements, not hard food. If they were unsure of his age, they should have better staff to determine this. Also, surely they knew he was malnourished... I should have been informed of any illnesses he may have had. I have emotionally suffered from this ordeal, and I am so disappointed in OCHS. We spent $200 at the vet and spent countless hours crying over our kitten we had only for a week. This event was very traumatizing, and I plan on stopping by OCHS and letting them know what happened. I'll never get another animal from there again. I'll just make the drive to Columbus, MS instead and adopt from their humane society.


    Nice people


    Need to take better care of animals

  • 4. Visit the New Oktibbeha County Humane Society

    by: historybuff03221959

    Oktibbeha County Humane Society has all new employees who really work hard to make the shelter a great place to come and adopt a pet. We are now giving all animals the vaccinations, baths, wormer and attention. The animals are the most important part of our job. We also take great pride in the cleanliness of our shelter. We had a compliment the other day from one adoptee who said she had "never been in such a great smelling shelter before in her life." Please come by and visit our shelter.


    New, Caring Staff who work hard to take care of the animals and the shelter


    Not enough time for all of the work

  • 5. New Staff Wonderful Shelter

    by: usrmympgrl

    The shelter now has a new staff and personally speaking (since my mom is now the acting manager of the shelter) they are great. They love all the animals and work very hard to get each animal that comes in a new home. They have started working with animal rescue programs to help with the over population problem in starkville and now work hard finding foster parests when they are needed.


    Knowlegable Staff Wonderful animals


    Small facility

  • 6. Improvements Needed

    by: tigrababycentura

    I volunteered for the OCHS over the summer, and I have an idea of what goes on behind the scenes. \n\nPlease keep in mind that not all situations/experiences are the same, nor is the behavior/ personality of animals. \n\nFirst, I want to mention that this Humane Society is in desperate need of more staff and more volunteers. Since, the current staff members have time only for the essentials (food, water, meds, cleaning), the animals are not socialized or attended to as much as they could be. \n\nMost of the staff members are wonderful, sweet, and caring people. There is one person though who does have a tendency to be rude, and it can be quite frustrating. Their behavior can be quite frustrating, especially since this is the person you will most likely deal with when adopting. Shouldn't the need for animals to be adopted outweigh that though?\n\nWe adopted a kitten from the OCHS in July. Not but two days after we took him home did he fall ill with an upper repertory infection (very serious considering he was 6 weeks old). When I mentioned this to them, I received a very indifferent response. "That's the chance you take," I was told. In addition to the infection, he had fleas, ear mites, and internal parasites (treatable). \nBehavior wise, the kitten shows signs of insufficient socialization with humans and littermates (ankle biting, biting, clawing) \nWe love the kitten very much, but curving his bad habits has been tedious and frustrating. \n\nUntil more people are willing to volunteer rather then complain about how terrible the OCHS is, the situation will not get better.\n\nI, of course, recommend adopting an animal. Be aware that extra work may be involved when adopting from this particular shelter. \n\nPlease keep in mind that not all situations/experiences are the same, nor is the behavior/ personality of all animals.


    Hard working staff, Lovely animals


    Animals are not socialized enough, Occasional indifference for customers/animals

  • 7. Staff

    by: presley5765

    If the staff was nicer people would love to donate money and supplies and honestly I know I want this dog but the staff is so rude.I get so mad when i go into the shelter..\r\n\r\nWhen people come into the shelter we are happy and excited to see the adopted animals. But when you meet the staff you just get in a bad mood..


    their are wonderful animals