Ohio Drive Animal Hospital

1101 Ohio Drive Ste 104
Plano, TX 75093

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Not a good experience at all

    by: ConcernedPetOwner82

    My experience both on the phone and in person at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital were negative. One receptionist (Fiola?) became so rude after an appointment mistake was made by someone on a previous day,that I had to get off the phone due to my anger. I was not upset initially, just simply pointing out the error. I did, however become angry at the woman's lack of customer service. Once I arrived to the appointment, the receptionist and tech were nice, however Dr. Benjamin was deficient of any type of social skills. He spoke few words to me and my husband during the appointment, made little eye contact and tried to exit with out a word (I said "Nice meeting you"). He made us feel uncomfortable and spent under one minute with us.....literally. I decided to forgo my free neutering because I would rather go to the vet I usually go to and trust. A word of advice for Dr. Benjamin: If he had 1/2 a brain he would take Petland's contract (it requires customers who buy puppies from the store to go to Dr. Benjamin until the dog is neutered/spayed) and put to better use when building his customer base. The way he would do this would be by being kind towards the pet owner and pet, speak directly to them, and at least say a few friendly words before exiting the room. This is common courtesy. Part of being a vet is making the customer, I.E. the owner, happy and comfortable.


    Friendly receptionist (once I arrived) and tech.


    Overall negative experience which led to a lack of trust.

  • 2. buyer beware

    by: planogirl

    I would NEVER return here!!! I am not an overly critical or sensitive client, but these people are simply the worst I've ever encountered! I was treated nicely when dropping off my pet, but slammed with unnecessary charges upon pick-up, and practically held hostage until they got every last penny of my money. They were two faced and ugly, and not friendly after all,...just after your money!!!


    lots of staff


    rude, misleading, poor customer service

  • 3. Brian V. Benjamin, DVM

    by: ztT4MP90667218

    Dr. Brian V. Benjamin, DVM is a wonderful vet. He has taken great care of my elderly babies and as my foster babies. He treats and cares for them like they are his own. He has amazing bed side manner and is open to you and the patient asking questions. Dr. Benjamin has really been a blessing to us. We thank him for his work and dedication to the animals.


    He works with personal and rescue aniamls.



  • 4. Dr. B is the BEST!

    by: CourtneyLC

    Dr. B... \r\nI can say soo many good things about him I just don't know where to start. I adopted Katie from GDRNT and he is the vet they use for the Great Danes that come into the rescue. I chose to keep Katie going to him, because she already knew him and he and the staff had become somewhat attached to her. They know her name when she comes in, they are very good about following up with you after your appointment, you don't have to wait forever for test results to come in. They suprised me at how fast my results came in, and were very informed. What really impresses me is that their are NO suprise charges. For every procedure/visit you get a print out of the estimated cost of everything you can do. When you pay, the print out is so detailed that you know exactly what you are paying for. I can't say that for the vet i used before him. He is open and honest with you, and is genuine with his advise. I got a post card in the mail that was so cute, it is still on my refrigerator because it wasn't adressed to me, it was addressed to KATIE my DOG! It said "Katie, please let your mom know that your shots will be due on 7.7.07 and you would like to make an apt to come in for your check up." I giggled when I saw it was addressed to her! Little details like that will keep me a customer for life! Thanks Dr. B!!!


    CLean, Friendly, comforting