Ohio county animal shelter

1582 country club lane
Hartford, KY 42347
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Loving workers

    by: brenda111678

    I think the workers are very kind here and very helpful. My Mom has adopted more than one dog from this animal shelter and always goes back to check on others. She also volunteers there and loves it.\r\nThe minature poodle we have listed on my pets list was adopted at the Ohio County Animal Shelter.\r\nThey put ads online on petfinder and in the paper to help find new owners for their pets and send them to no kill rescues as well.\r\nI would refer anyone to them who is looking for a new pet or animal companion.


    Loving staff, helpful with pet information


    small shelter, they need a grant to make it bigger

  • 2. small town place

    by: renagirl

    smaller shelters are able to help people on a more personal level and can check up on their animals more easily


    great staff



  • 3. Small Town Shelter

    by: sunnydew22

    small town shelter. advertises pets to adopt. i have adopted pets and the staff was very helpful.


    always looking for homes for pets


    small shelter

  • 4. Good people working hard for the pets in their care.

    by: IResQK9sNKy

    This is a very small county shelter, with a staff that cares a lot about the animals in their charge. I've seen their adoption rate climb over the years and they do a good job.


    Good people working hard for the pets in their care.


    Non found.