Ohana Doggie Day Care & Spa

611 Cooke Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. WHAT A DUMP!

    by: maddogmama

    I would highly recommend that you NOT take your dog to this horrible place. My dog came out, after a weeks stay, sooooo traumatized that he hasn't eaten for 4 days, his mouth bleeds & he is chewing at his paws. His is at the vets now getting intravenous fluids & antibiotics and I think Ohana should pay for his treatments, but they won't.... I took my playful, happy, bouncy, loving baby in to these HEATHENS and in a weeks time they have broken his spirit. I am sorry I didn't listen to Hawaiigirls review, because it truly is just a money game with them. My little guy is completely changed after only a week but my heart will be broken for many many weeks if he does not come back to me the way he was when I dropped him off. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau & the Humane Society and any place else I can think of to show that place needs to be looked in to more closely by the powers that be. I will do everything i can to have this place either SHUT DOWN or SERIOUSLY watched for their complete lack of care to animals that are depending on them. Even my VET said that he has received NUMEROUS complaints (and injured animals) from this DUMP! If you love your pet, be forewarned, they do not represent themselves properly & they LIE LIE LIE about the services and environment!




    Horrible smelly place! Doggie Cams NOT operational!

  • 2. Worst EVER

    by: HawaiiGirl24

    I would give this place zero or negative stars if I could. When my dog came out of there, he was terrified and not himself at all. He wouldn't eat for almost two days after his second visit. He seemed severely traumatized. The first time I just thought he was tired after all the excitement, but after the second time, it was worse. I prepaid over $200 for services that they have refused to let me use or refund. I did not want to bring my dog back to a place where he was VERY unhappy in the first place. They are criminals and rude, disgusting people. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT waste your money on people who will have no understanding for your pet's or your own personal needs and absolutely no respect, even though you pay good money. To me that's a lot of money to have basically stolen. I'm not rich, I don't have any extra money lying around. So I'm pretty upset to have lost what is A LOT of money to me. What jerks, taking money and refusing to give it back or even let you use the services you paid for. I only tried to use what I paid for because I was desperate (but also apprehensive) to have a place to leave him while on vacation next month. I also figured I had spent good money on that place. I knew they wouldn't refund it since I had asked before, so I'd use it, right? Get my money's worth. And since I don't have many other options and I would finally use the $$ I paid and then be done with that place. But, NO, they won't work with you AT ALL. I was hoping for a better experience, but much to my dismay it is much worse. The worst thing to me is simply this: THEY TAKE, pretty much steal, MONEY FOR DOING NOTHING. My dog was not there, we didn't use what we paid for, the place wasn't good for him. It should be refunded. WORST PLACE EVER!!! FOR YOU AND YOUR PET




    Too many to say