Oconee county animal shelter

Po box 966
West union, SC 29676
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. A lot of need

    by: edwin761

    There are so many little lives in need of help. Spay and neuter are most important. Its great to have a place where they can be safe. Many place now have open large fun rooms for the cats to live in, no cages. Look to improve


    Helps Many


    Needs to improve animal conditions

  • 2. The Sheltering of Animals until Death

    by: beans4biscuits

    I have visited this shelter 11 times in the last year. The conditins remain the same each time. Animals are housed in dark, dank, filthy conditions.\r\nAfter a parvo outbreak over 50 previously healthy dogs had to be put down. This was due to the shelters lack of knowledge abou quarentining incoming animals, and the general filth the animls are kept in.\r\nI'm happy someone was able to adopt a cat from this place. When cats are dropped off people are told that the will be euthanized within 3 days no matter how adoptable or healthy because of lack of space.\r\nWe have a large piece of land and the funds to build a new facility. Par of the problem is that while most shelters at least attempting fundraising, this one does not. They rely on govenment funds to help them out of a terrible situation. Besides a sign that said 'Watch for out fundraising campaign', the Oconee County Animal Shelter has not held even a minor fundrasing even in over 5 years.


    Some of the staff seems to care about these animals and genuinely wants to help


    Filth, abuse, total disregard for any animal life