O'briens boarding-training & grooming kennel

5480 phillip rd.
Roseville, CA 95747
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great kennel

    by: etherealmm

    Great people and a great place for animals





  • 2. what goes on in the kennel area

    by: linamina

    I had a special arrangement with this kennel that allowed me to be in the kennel area for extended periods. What I saw especially during busy holiday periods wasn't pretty. Small dogs put into pens with big buckets of water they couldn't reach. Big dogs put in pens with small buckets that were quickly emptied and not as quickly refilled. Outdoor exersize areas weren't cleaned regularly of dog poo that can carry and transfer disease. I saw old arthritic dogs that weren't provided with adequate cushions and warmth and scared dogs who received no welcoming gestures or words of comfort. One wing of the kennel is used to house hunting dogs which are bred and the puppies sold. It saddened me to see 6 week old puppies separated from their mom on hard, cold cement flooring when it came to weaning time. My impression was that profit was more important than humane housing and care for the puppies and mom dogs, or of the customer's dogs.


    decent sized runs and outdoor exersize area


    inattentive staff