Oakland pet adoption center

1700 brown rd
Auburn hills, MI 48326

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Made me Cry:(

    by: Murray1983

    Had my name on the list for a cute cat. Visited two weekends in a row to see if she was ready to be taken home. They said they would call early in the week never received the call. I called later in the week and they said they already adopted it to someone else. I was FIRST on the list. They claimed they called and couldn't get through to anybody my phone ALWAYS receives calls and there were NO missed calls from them. They gave away the can that was supposed to be mine. I did cry :(


    Can look at the animals


    Made me cry

  • 2. Thankful they are in the community

    by: pipermal

    I agree that there is one or two staff who are not the happiest at the front desk, but, the rest of the staff makes up for it! I have found them to be sweet and caring people who desire good homes for all the animals. My daughter adopted a kitten last June, and we have since become volunteers. We have been petting kitties, and walking dogs. We have also been trying to teach the doggies some manners, so they will be more adoptable. The cages are kept spotless, and the shelter is very proactive about disease control. We are proud to be a part of the day to day operations.


    There are many animals to choose from


    No toys for the animals to play with :-(

  • 3. Wonderful animals here!

    by: kikgirl2

    I was there looking at dogs a while back, and wow there are just a lot of wonderful dogs and cats there. Made me cry, because they seemed so sweet and all they wanted was a home, yet there were so many of them, it was so sad. My parents got their beloved dog here several years ago. Places like this do try to help animals, I only hope that more and more people realize that shelters/rescues are wonderful places to find animals!


    A lot of great animals


    Wish there was more info on each cage

  • 4. A sorry experience

    by: sooziet

    Unfortunately my experience with this shelter has not been anything similar to other reviewers. I found the staff to be impatient, unhelpful and rather cruel when I was searching for my lost pet. They repeatedly emphasized that I was essentially alone in my effort by stressing the over-crowding condition in their shelter and implying that they were overwhelmed, too busy, and not able to help me.


    they exist; other members have had a positive experience


    not user friendly; uncaring attitude

  • 5. Oakland County's best

    by: marenned

    We use to live in Troy and fostered kittens for oakland county animal control. We had to move to OH for my husbands job and I was very sad to no longer be able to volunteer for OCAC. The people were great and I really enjoyed working with them. I would recommend OCAC for adopting pets and also recommend those who would like to foster, to contact them.


    everything about them is great



  • 6. The Best Adoption Center Out There!

    by: Tracyusa38

    Oakland Pet Adoption Center is the best adoption center I've come across in a long time. They have a helpful staff who's main goal is to find loving homes for the large number of dogs and cats that are up for adoption. The facility is clean and the animals are well taken care ,by not only the staff but the Volunteers who help out there.


    Friendly and Helpful Staff, Clean Kennels, Caring Workers, Wants the best for the animals!


    They need more people to adopt and also to donate!

  • 7. Great Animals

    by: BigBear25

    The shelter is clean and has a large selection of animals. It has a great volunteer program with dedicated volunteers.


    Very Clean, Large Selection of Cats


    Needs more people to adopt