Northside Emergency Pet Clinic, P.C.

945 West 124th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80234

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Very good staff that cares for your pets

    by: Scorpio1030

    My moms dog has gone here and they helped him right away (His problem was not as big as my dogs)\r\n\r\nWhen My dog swallowed a rawhide knot, I immediately took him here because of my previous expericence here. They told me that they could not start helping him until I had pre-paid for his services (which seemed odd) so luckly they have Care Credit available there. I did not have a credit card at the time so I had no choice but to get this one. Once I qualified (within minutes) they started helping my poor Juni. They kept him for 2 days because he was so weak. I went to visit him 2 times a day and the staff was VERY nice and compassionate. I recomend to anyone who has an after hour emergency to go here.


    They will do everything to help your animals after hours


    They will not do anything without pre-payment

  • 2. The best

    by: anatesia

    I had to have 2 of my babies put to sleep here and they were the most compassinate staff i have met They did all they could do for my "little Mama" and i am ever so grateful. They were quick and knew just what to do and did not rush me to do what may had to be done. I love all of them for caring and being so gentle with my babies. cheryl kay


    Great staff