Northampton county spca, easton, pa

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Easton, PA 18042
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User Reviews (23)

  • 1. Not Very Thrilled or Happy

    by: Kimmer88

    We recently lost our dog of 12 years so we decided to start at the SPCA for a new family member. We walked in with several pics from the site and walked a few of them but we all fell for one dog in particular. We completed the application, and the waiting game began. We were told the next day that we needed to have our indoor cat get a rabies shot, we did so, then we were told the dog needed to be spayed (she's been there over 9 months!). Then the following day rec'd another call she was in heat but we could take her as a "foster" until she could be fixed. We saw her two days before this call and was not told she was in heat nor were there any signs of it. When we called back to say we do not want a new dog in heat in our house with two small children it would be chaos for all, dog included, they stated she was not in heat any longer but was too swollen for surgery. (??? two day heat period??) So we accepted to foster until that time. Today we went to pick her up to only be told SHE didn't have her rabies shots (again after 9 months of being there) and there was no vet on site today to do the shots. So we were to have our indoor cat get a rabies shot but they didn't have a dog receive their vaccinations after almost a year?!?! We were told this dog was a stray, then told it was relinquished by the owner, told it was aggressive towards other animals she has yet to snap, or bark at any other dogs or cats (we had her cat tested), and also told she is aggressive towards children, we have 2 and she licks our kids. We have had the kids sit with her, pet her, touch her head,tail, paws and nothing!! We have "visited' this dog several times for several lengths of time too so they have a lot of interaction. They want ppl to adopt animals from shelter and not from pet stores or breeders but they are making people's lives miserable. I am frustrated beyond belief, almost ready to give up and tired of driving back and forth to the shelter for excuses. It is almost like they don't want us to have her. Either they have someone else in the wings who also applied for this dog or they are just that messed up there that they do not know which end is up.


    Many animals to choose from, Staff loves the animals


    Staff doesn't seem to really "know" the animals, or know what is going on with them

  • 2. Nice place to visit

    by: BryceGma

    When I visited the staff was friendly and helpful. I was disturbed with seeing what seemed to be an aggressive dog available for adoption but the others seemed nice and it was clean.


    Caring staff



  • 3. Barb with her staff and volunteers are doing a great job!

    by: mzechman

    This shelter has made great improvements-especiall now that is no-kill!!


    You get to take the dogs out for a walk, or sit in the cat room and get a lap full!


    Sometimes very busy

  • 4. Great Place Wonderful People

    by: kayasbluetaco

    This is a wonderful place with knowledgeable caring people. I have adopted two pets from here. This place could use a bit of a face lift though.


    Great people who care


    Could use a face lift

  • 5. Working here

    by: camaro67dreamer

    I used to foster baby kittens from this SPCA for many years....and they are one of the best facilities with the friendliest staff. I even kept a few of the cats myself! The fact that they became a no-kill shelter is amazing. They just need more room for the animals let's get them the make over they need!


    Love the service and staff


    Needs this money makeover!

  • 6. About the Northampton SPCA

    by: Blondiie404

    Everyone works together with the one main, most important goal...FIND LOVING-SUITABLE-FOREVER HOMES FOR ALL THE ANIMALS! :) The Staff is great. As a volunteer I see first hand the love and tenderness that all the people involved give to these great animals. Its a wonderful thing-what they have established!


    Clean, Tidy, Efficient, Knowledgeable Staff, very suitable and accomodating for the animals, NO-KILL, training courses for pets, great vet care for animals, lots of attention goes into loving the animals,the work hard to see them great homes, responsible,and caring. ITS GREAT!


    too much love! haha. NO CONS AT ALL!!!

  • 7. Pet adoption

    by: Janetvision

    When I wanted to adopt a cat I knew exactly where to go because I had heard a lot of great things about this shelter. The staff was very friendly and helpful when it came time for me to pick out my cat, they were a little off on her age but since she was a small cat it was an easy mistake to make. I would go back there again.


    Very friendly staff, good environment for the animals


    They were a little off on the age of my cat.

  • 8. Great Shelter!

    by: sandy3w

    I started volunteering there and it wasn't long until I fell in love with one of the dogs there. The staff was very helpful though the very thorough adoption process and soon I was a proud "Mom"! \r\nThat was 5 months ago but any time I have a question about my dog, the staff has helpful advice and are so knowledgeable. \r\nThey really need more space and a new washer and dryer. I wish someone could donate one...


    the animals are well cared for


    I can't adopt all of them!

  • 9. Great Shelter

    by: jillybean3914

    We adopted our cat from this shelter in August and recently went back for a dog. Both times we have found the staff to be extremely helpful. They check references on every application and truely care about finding these animals not just a home, but a GOOD home. They always call and follow up on the animals and check for any questions or concerns. I would definatley recommend this shelter.


    very kind and caring staff



  • 10. Our Dog Shadow

    by: Rebekah

    We got our Sheperd/Husky mix from SPCA about 5 months ago. He such a cute dog and we are so happy that we got him. They were very helpful there!!!


    Easy to look at pets


    Little smelly

  • 11. Wonderful.

    by: wombatboi

    I adopted my cat Binx here. They were incredibly patient and nice and helpful. They care very deeply about the animals there and all the staff seem very committed and enthusiastic about what they're doing. Very knowledgeable as well.


    Friendly, personal, patient.


    Small, takes care of large area for it's size.

  • 12. About a Dr. that volunteers.

    by: AngelB

    My love and support goes out to the NCSPCA. They do a wonderful job with their TNR program and with caring for the animals. I have met a number of their staff and work closely with one of their volunteer doctors at an animal hospital. I know many people who have adopted and been more than satisfied. These people give homes to the young and long lived and the old and senile so they can have a happy rest of their lives. \r\n\r\nDr. Lori Milot DVM volunteers her time at the shelter generally a full day on Wednesdays. She is working her other job most of the other time. Her life is these animals and helping each and everyone it is in her power to do so. She is a beautiful person and sooooo compassionate. She laughs with them and cries over them. I don't want to take anything away from the NCSPCA but I wanted others to know what kind of Dr they have taking care of their animals. She will rush in for emergencies and bring her work home with her if she needs too. ( I do mean the animals ) or well atleast bring them to her other work. She is a devoted Dr with the best bedside manner. \r\n\r\nOther shelters may see a geriatric cat with bad teeth and diabetes and say "we must euthanize" Or a pit bull or one of those other "aggressive" breeds and do the same. But not the NCSPCA. Everyone has a chance. And that is appreciated on so many levels. \r\n\r\nThankyou and keep up the good work. When my boys (including my husband) get a little older I too will be donating my time and love. And I hear I'll have to buy a house so I can fit all my adoptees.


    Big heart, very knowledgable.


    Saddens her she can't save them all.

  • 13. Great shelter

    by: cinnamon842

    My daughter and I volunteer there and love it!! We also have cats we adopted from that shelter. They are sooooooo sweet! This summer we are going to add a dog from there! We can't wait! They are always full open your heart to a pet!!


    Friendly staff always helpful


    short hours

  • 14. Great shelter

    by: Danniszoo

    We lost our little dog, Bambi. She had slipped out of out yard, and in the process, lost her collar! We called the shelter right away, and with in minutes of her being brought to them, they called us to pick her up!


    friendly staff


    not enough volunteers

  • 15. Felt like kennel staff did not want to help us in any way!

    by: mra925mra

    On the positive side...they are a no kill shelter that takes animals to off-site adoptions, give them exposure thru petfinder, have a TNR program, low-cost spay neuter program and return to owner micro-chip program. The animals get a clean blanket. The ladies that work the front desk are very friendly.\r\n\r\nCons-When we visited, no one explained to us how to do a meet and greet with our dogs and a potential adoptee. The kennel staff were no where to be seen when we were in that area looking for a dog. We went back upstairs- and it's a long walk up the three lengths of ramp- the desk lady said to go back down with our dogs, the kennel girls will be right back. So all the way back down we went. The girls working that night were younger, did not seem too interested in helping us find a dog that might be compatible with out dogs. We were very frustrated with the kennel staff, especially after we spoke with a volunteer who worked with the dog we wanted and she said she was a good dog. The volunteer was excellent with us, great to talk to. The shelter had taken our info, we were in the final stages of the adoption process when a kennel staff brought the dog to us, realized we didn't do a meet and greet and they refused to even do so. Our heart was broken when we couldn't take her home! We felt that the kennel staff were not very good advocates for pit bulls and seemed like they didn't to adopt any of them out- were they uneducated in the breed? Add to the fact that it took two of them to even speak to us- were we being ganged up on? We didn't get the dog and they sold our info to a pet insurance company that called a few days later to sell us the insurance! We were really ticked after that!!! Not so sure we'll go back after that. Adopted from another shelter after that experience because we didn't want to go back!


    Desk/office staff very friendly, kennel clean, lots of dogs to choose from


    kennel staff not very helpful, if they could be found

  • 16. Great Shelter

    by: wbenedict

    This is a great shelter. As a volunteer - I see the hard work it takes to run a no-kill shelter and the staff does it well. It's said an animal comes through the doors ever 40 minutes. They take animals to off-site adoptions, training and have a great TNR, low-cost spay neuter program and return to owner with micro-chip program.\r\nThe animals get a great care, a clean blanket, attention and love from many vounteers/staff, toys, exposure through petfinders and most of all a chance to live.\r\n


    Loving caring staff, no kill


    hard to get to

  • 17. They do the very best they can with what they have!

    by: laurab5

    When looking for our first dog we visited this shelter for the first time. We visited a couple of times and were so impressed, especially with the helpful volunteers. It is so obvious they love these animals and take good care of them. \r\n\r\nWe did not end up adopting our dog here, but were so impressed that we have continued to stop by with donations whenever we can. They are a wonderful advocate for animals in our community and we will continue to support them.


    Very nice, helpful staff and volunteers


    Could use more room!

  • 18. Show your support

    by: 2kitties

    This shelter has provided such a community service and is very deserving of your support! I recently adopted 2 kittens (Vodka & Margarita) from this clinic and am truly greatful for such an experience. The kittens are now safe and sound at home and making quiet the impression on the family, however I will continue to support this establishment however possible.


    Knowledgable Staff, "No Kill" Shelter


    Available space, small parking area

  • 19. Adopting a dog

    by: SandiSig

    We adopted our dog foxy from there, we wanted a certain size dog so we kept coming back over and over... Staff was great friendly and very helpful. We even ended up volunteering there.


    Excellant staff helpful and friendly


    Not open many hours/since mostly volunteers

  • 20. Honest Review!

    by: sarrral

    I think this is the best shelter in Pennsylvania. I would certainly think they would be a shoo-in to win a makeover. I work at a veterinarian's office, and one of our vet's volunteers at the shelter so I know all of the animals are in great hands. I also fostered kittens from this shelter, one of them had gotten ill and I took her directly there, the staff was very helpful and gave me all the supplies needed to tend to her. Every time I go there they are making the most of what little money and supplies that they have.


    All the animals are very well taken care of.


    Sometimes the staff is a little standoffish.

  • 21. Caring staff! Great Community Service

    by: karenpasquel

    This shelter does a wonderful service not only for animals but for the community in education and animal welfare.


    Motivated staff


    Too many pit bulls

  • 22. Nice experience

    by: ghia

    My daughter always likes going to see the dogs and cats at this shelter! The staff and volunteers are so friendly and willing to help out in any way.


    Friendly staff


    Kinda small

  • 23. Good shelter.

    by: valliesong

    I adopted my dog Roscoe from this shelter and it was a wonderful experience. I would certainly visit them again. The staff and volunteers seem very commited to the animals and the shelter has a pleasant feeling.


    Temperament testing for dogs. Dedicated staff and volunteers.


    Location can be hard to find.